Google Maps Incognito Mode Enters Testing Phase

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According to XDA Developers, Google is planning to bring an incognito feature to Google Maps — which would allow users to completely disable tracking. The same feature has already existed in a number of other Google-related apps and is currently in its testing stage.

With modern technologies such as smartphones being constantly connected to the internet, it is really easy for people to be tracked at all times. This does not only include tracking of online activities but also tracking in real life. Thanks to apps like Google Maps, a person’s movements can be viewed at all times.

While this can be useful for navigation, it also interferes with the users’ privacy — which is why Google has announced that its Google Maps will be getting an incognito mode.

The announcement was originally made back in May of this year, on Google IO 2019. Now, according to XDA Developers, it appears that the company has finally come to a point where the new incognito mode can enter the testing phase.

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Obviously, this is not the first time that Google has allowed its users to go incognito if they so desire. Desktop users of its services could have gone incognito for quite a while, as it was available in multiple Google apps. However, when it comes to Android — this was not the case.

Of course, users could have always launched Google Chrome on Android and then enter its incognito mode before using the maps or search. However, most people do not go this ‘long way around’ and, instead, simply go for the Google Search feature or the Google Maps app directly. Now, the ability to go incognito in Google Maps and/or while using the search feature will be enabled here as well.

The ability to use it is already available for members of the Google Maps preview group, which are included in its closed beta. The incognito mode has become available to the members of this group with the latest update.

Incognito mode can be easily switched within the app’s settings, and those who enable it will turn off sharing of their location. In addition, their search history will not be recorded anymore. Their location history will also stop being recorded.

When activated, the incognito mode will bring a black strap, located on the top of the phone’s screen. This will be a symbol that will indicate that the mode is on, alongside the traditional hat-and-sunglasses icon.

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All that remains now is to be patient and wait for the testing phase to complete. While it is unknown how long it will last, and when the mode will become available to the wider audience, it is likely not going to be that long, since the feature is in its closed beta phase.

Are you worried about your online privacy? Do you want to avoid being tracked on Google Maps? Let us know what you think about the introduction of the incognito feature in the comments below.

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