Get Ready for MetaFight

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21 June 2022, 21:00 GMT+0000
Updated by Shilpa Lama
30 June 2022, 09:34 GMT+0000

MetaFight is an exciting new entertainment company bringing a mixed martial arts (MMA) trading card game to the metaverse.

Players of MetaFight become Managers of their own MMA gym. Using NFTs featuring MMA’s most exciting Fighters, you’ll be in control of all the action.

Send your Fighters into single-match or league-based combat. When you ground and pound your opponents into submission, your Points will start to stack up.

MetaFight creates a real relationship between players and every aspect of the MMA universe. You, as Gym Manager, coach, train, and develop your Fighters.

Build a world-class gym, fill it with Fighters, and give them the tools and training to dominate.

MMA’s popularity has exploded around the globe. And now, you can help MetaFight support the Fighters of the MMA community.

Through exclusive Fighter endorsements, part of NFT sales will benefit the Fighters themselves. 

MetaFight is teaming up eager fans with MMA Fighters and placing them into the cage together. Now you can build your own MMA franchise on MetaFight and take down your rivals.

Get In the gym 

Step into the gym with your own stable of top MMA Fighters. Hire top trainers to develop their skills and submission techniques.

Get the best equipment to build strength and endurance. And don’t forget to outfit your Fighters with top branded gear and equipment. Provide your Fighters with everything they’ll need to confidently enter the cage.

Visit The Fighter Market to buy Booster Packs. These value packs contain three cards to get you on your way fast.

Choose from four Rarity levels and a selection of individual Fighter cards. The Fighter Market is where you can build and improve your team to knock out the competition.  

Or, buy, sell, or trade your Fighter and Specialty cards with other Gym Managers and collectors. In the Fighter Market, you can customize your roster and choose the best improvements.

You decide what it will take to build the best team in the MMA.

How to win

The primary goal of MetaFight is for you, the Gym Manager, to design the best gym possible. Upgrade your gym with Specialty cards and train your Fighters for victory in the cage.

Win individual matches against opposing Fighters or ground and pound in league play. Both earn you experience and Points that will enable your gym to grow in power and prestige.

Expand and upgrade your gym. Adding trainers or upgrading your equipment will increase your Fighter’s power and skill. These boosts increase your Fighter’s abilities and improve their results in the cage. 

The season: single matches and leagues

Once your Fighter is ready for combat, register them for one of MetaFight’s many leagues. By competing in a league, your Fighter can maximize their opportunity to earn Points for your gym.

There are many leagues to choose from in MetaFight. Gym Managers decide on the length and level of competition their Fighters will face.

Your Fighter’s record and ranking will determine the number of Points awarded to your gym. Prepare them well and reap the rewards.

The postseason fighter market

Following the MetaFight season, take advantage of a limited-time sale in the Fighter Market. Here, you’ll find Limited Edition Fighter and Specialty cards. Unique and collectible NFTs designed on each season’s theme.

This special Fighter Market event will offer tiered access to Fighter and Specialty cards for sale. The more Points you earn in the season, the better your choices will be.

It’s the best chance to get the high-value Fighters and equipment you’ll need for a new season of MetaFight. Everything necessary to put a choke-hold on ultimate victory in the cage.

Join the NFT experience

Get ready for MetaFight, the world’s first Fight To Earn trading card game. Build a gym, fight in the leagues, and submit your opponents.

Collect the NFTs of your favorite MMA Fighters, and then put your gym and yourself to the test.


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