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Get Paid to Learn Crypto – Instant, Free, and Easy

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Updated by Shilpa Lama

Remember that saying, “One can not change the world”? That’s one of the biggest lies we ever heard. 

A single person can inspire other people to start a new adventure. In the cryptocurrency world, that means a lot because blockchain technology has an immense potential that remains undiscovered due to the lack of mass adoption. 

To encourage people to learn cryptocurrency and find out that it is not as complex as it seems, Phemex launched its own learning program on June 17- Learn & Earn.

What is Learn & Earn?

Learn & Earn is a cryptocurrency educational program run by Phemex – one of the most innovative cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. 

Everyone needs a little boost to learn new things, and Phemex offers trading bonuses for each cryptocurrency lesson you finish. However, you must pass the assessments in order to earn them – there’s no place for cheating here. 

The premise is straightforward – you learn something new and join an incredible crypto-adventure. You then become the master for other trainees who become experts and instruct others.

Each new cryptocurrency apprentice takes us closer to a carefree economy; thus, your entry plays a major role in the game.

One-minute video lessons

You heard that right!

Phemex’s team is aware that cryptocuurency lessons are often long and plain boring – with a lot of repetitive information. So they designed their courses in such a way that they can deliver valuable information without overwhelming students.

The program starts with the basics, presenting the differences between fiat and cryptocurrencies. Soon, other courses will be listed, with increasing complexity levels. 

Without even realizing it, you will become a cryptocurrency expert in no time. And a highly skilled cryptocurrency trader, for sure.

If you chose to join Phemex right now, don’t forget to check the launch promotion available on social media and Gleam – that will see 20 lucky participants win $100 in trading bonus each. 

Ready to start?


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