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Gamers United on Their hatred for NFTs and Blockchainization of Games

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In Brief

  • Gamers are categorically against economic innovations under the guise of NFTs
  • Microtransactions may have played into the backlash from the community
  • Ubisoft admits it underestimated the implications of adopting NFTs
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Gamers are pushing back against non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They can’t stop Tweeting about how much they hate them.

Game creators have started offering NFTs. But gamers are skeptical and think that the creators are just trying to fleece them. So far, gamers are saying a hard no to the monetization of their favourite pastime. They are categorically against the introduction of blockchain derivatives into video games. This was reported by the The New York Times, which interviewed gamers and YouTubers.

One such gamer was Christian Lanz. He’s a longtime fan of the STALKER video game series. In an interview with the newspaper, he suggested that GSC Game World, the video game development studio, misused its popularity when it announced plans to add NFT support. Almost immediately after the plans were announced by the studio, they were abandoned .

According to Lantz, the introduction of NFTs is done solely for profit, and not for “creating a beautiful game.” His opinion is shared by other YouTuber gamers like Mutahar Anas. Anas argues that people are simply “selling buzzwords.” According to him, those who promote NFTs in video games just want a cut of the bubble.

NFTs don’t improve gameplay

Gamer Matt Key was more critical in his comments. “I just hate [the fact] that they keep finding ways to play us in every possible way. I don’t see how [NFTs] benefit the player, how it improves the gameplay. It’s always a matter of money.”


Merritt Kopas, editor of video game website Fanbyte, suggested that the anger gamers have towards companies has increased over the past decade. This is partly due to the growing number of microtransactions. Therefore, for gamers, the emergence of any economic element like NFTs has become an additional trigger.

Gamers vs Ubisoft’s stance

The response was also underestimated at Ubisoft. Vice President Nicolas Poire said the company “probably” underestimated “how strong the backlash could be.” However, Poire did not clarify whether the French video game developer intends to stick to the plan to blockchainize its products.

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