Gain Better Returns With GSD Capital’s New Approach to Investing

21 May 2022, 13:00 GMT+0000
Updated by Shilpa Lama
14 June 2022, 07:57 GMT+0000

Investable assets are like living trees. You nurture it properly and it grows.

In order to achieve sustainable growth of liquid assets under management, you need to ensure two things first:

1. A successfully proven investment strategy

2. A good level of discipline to follow said strategy

These issues are not easy to solve in real-life investing as the investment landscape is ever-changing due to both fundamental and technical factors.

Although institutional investment professionals and money managers undoubtedly hold the stronger hand in investing capabilities, the average retail investor can still engage experienced professionals to invest on their behalf and benefit from their capabilities.

GSD Capital is one such firm; classified as a discretionary investment manager, which offers individual investors the opportunity to take advantage of their vast expertise.


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GSD Capital was founded by Timothy Goldberg and a collective team of traders and analysts in 2019 as a trading collective offering boutique investment management services privately to institutional investors. Later in 2021, they made their services publicly available to individual investors worldwide through a very innovative and user-friendly web platform

GSD Capital offerings

GSD Capital offers investors two different managed investment account options:

Standard Account

  • Minimum investment capital: US $1,000
  • Funds are actively invested through algorithmic trading
  • Invested capital held with insured custodians
  • Dynamic leverage scaling
  • 8% – 10% monthly projected growth
  • No deposit, withdrawal, or account opening fees
  • 24-hour client support
  •  Withdrawal and account closures are processed immediately
  •  24-hour investor dashboard access for investment monitoring
  • 0.5% performance fee net of profit

Accredited Account

  •  Minimum investment capital: US $250,000
  •  Funds invested through algorithmic trading and short term collateralized lending
  • Invested capital held with insured custodians
  • Dynamic leverage scaling
  • 13% – 15% monthly growth
  •  No Deposit, withdrawal, or account opening fees
  • Withdrawal and account closures are processed immediately
  •  24-hour client support
  • 24-hour investor dashboard access for investment monitoring
  • 0.5% performance fee net of profit
  • Access to institutional-grade investment opportunities

What you can expect from GSD Capital

  • A Qualified and vastly experienced investment team
  • Client funds are held and managed in accordance with strict regulatory rules and guidelines
  • Strong monthly investment growth, with investment returns accrued each working day
  • Complete capital management – No “hands-on” investing required
  •  Investment dashboard accessible 24 hours a day
  •  No additional charges except performance fee

Working principles

GSD Capital primarily utilizes artificial intelligence machines to carry out algorithmic trading. Only the highest probability trades are said to be carried out automatedly by their proprietary artificial intelligence trading machines.

They use sophisticated analytical standards to determine and identify potential opportunities on specific tradable instruments, ensuring a very high trade success rate of over 80%.

Also, with regards to risk management while trading, their algorithms trade with a very tight stop loss of -0.5% preventing any significant trading losses at any point in time, thus ensuring a high risk to reward ratio and therefore consistent investment growth through a winning mix of outsized successful trades and low percentage losses on losing trades.

Trading machines are also said to be put under constant human supervision to ensure safety adherence.

Performance & track record

GSD Capital publishes CPA audited historic investment performance results on its website. According to their performance statement from June 2021 to December 2021, the monthly average returns on their standard investment accounts stood at 9.1%. Top monthly gains in this time period were: 9.8% in June 2021, 9.3% in August 2021, and 10% in December 2021.

GSD Capital presents itself as a new and viable option to investors looking to take advantage of emerging artificial intelligence capabilities and earn the investment returns needed to stay afloat in this inflationary era.


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