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FORKED Brings Web3 Gaming & SocialFi Conference to KBW2024 After Epic HK Debut

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After the successful debut of FORKED in Hong Kong on May 8, organized in just one month for 1,000 curated attendees and supported by five Asian powerhouses, the event is set to make another significant impact. And now is ready to take the stage and bring Web3 Gaming and Social Founders together in Seoul.

FORKED Gaming, set for September 2nd at the SJ. Kunsthalle, promises an immersive experience with its avant-garde venue poised to transport attendees into the heart of Web3 Gaming and SocialFi, seamlessly blending into the event’s overall ambiance.

What Awaits You at FORKED: Unveiling Web3 Gaming and SocialFi. A Dual Narrative Driving User Growth for Web3 

The future of gaming is about more than just entertainment; it’s about creating value, experiencing true ownership, and becoming part of a community. Digital interactions are now intertwined with financial opportunities, driven by blockchain technology, making money while entertaining and pushing for the major adoption of new gamified economic models.

We’re on the edge of a new era where social interaction and play blend seamlessly with financial elements. Witnessing its growth and adaptation is one of the most enchanting parts of engaging with Web3 every day.

It’s not the next big thing. It’s already here. It’s a new era, and FORKED wants to step in with the community. 

Attendees will gain insights from KOLs on emerging trends, engage in thrilling gaming competitions, experience latest Web3 games and developments in SocialFi, and immerse in a dynamic atmosphere. With a carefully curated guest list of 1,000 Web3 founders, gamers, executives, investors, influencers, and media, anticipate unmatched networking and matchmaking opportunities.

Building on the momentum after a successful debut of “Founder’s Stories” featuring Coingecko, Rug Radio, Decrypt, and ARC Community at FORKED on May 8th in Hong Kong, FORKED in Seoul will continue to deliver this insightful format, where Founders share challenges and setbacks of building in Web3.

Forked Igniting Web3 Gaming & SocialFi Horizon with Powerhouse Collaborations 

This time FORKED is raising the bar by partnering with even more industry giants and influential players, continuing its path to creating a valuable platform for Web3 founders at the critical stage of their growth. 

Spearheading this collaborative effort is Korea Blockchain Week (KBW), making FORKED the official partner event and the only Web3 Gaming conference as an official part of KBW.

In an exciting development, FORKED has officially announced Everest Ventures Group (EVG), Asia’s leading Web3 venture builder, as co-host of FORKED in Seoul.

With a global team of 300 experts, EVG has successfully launched a diverse portfolio of products across various digital interaction domains. Their contributions span early investments and advisory roles in unicorns and over 150 pioneering projects, including Celestia, Wormhole, Berachain, Dapper Labs (Flow), Animoca Brands, Immutable, The Sandbox, Yuga Labs, Kraken, Lukka, Dunamu, and Blocklords.

“We are really excited about co-hosting this event with FORKED and their experienced team. By co-hosting this conference, it showcases our commitment to driving consumer adoption of Web3. We believe that the ‘Axie Moment’ of SocialFi will happen this cycle likely in Asia, and it will be key to boosting blockchain-based games for long-term adoption,” said Allen Ng, the Co-founder & CEO at EVG.

FORKED continues its journey with its powerful strategic partners — ARC Community, AngelHack, Coinhako, Highstreet, FACTBLOCK, and Playground — to leverage their vast resources and create a more dynamic and productive environment for all involved parties.. 

ARC is a digital-first community, enabled by NFTs as proof of membership. With diverse members coming together to pool resources and networks, they are building a first-of-its-kind powerhouse for collaboration and project incubation. As a collective entity, their vision is for ARC to become the leading innovation and cultural kingmaker in the space – from Asia to the world.

AngelHack is a global leader in developer relations and hackathons, with a vibrant community of over 300,000 developers across 100 cities worldwide. 

Coinhako is Singapore’s most trusted crypto exchange and wallet, with official approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for a Major Payment Institution (MPI) license.

Highstreet is a cutting-edge commerce-centered metaverse, merging shopping with gaming to create an immersive experience. With cosmetics from top brands and the ability to craft NFTs for gameplay, it’s revolutionizing virtual worlds. 

FACTBLOCK is the leading web3 ecosystem builder dedicated to enhancing the integrity of the blockchain industry since 2018. They organize Korea Blockchain Week (KBW), an annual global festival that brings together diverse blockchain communities to share knowledge and foster meaningful interactions.

PLAYGROUND is the user acquisition layer for web3 games. It is a dynamic platform that empowers creators and developers to quickly design, build, and share engaging games.

What is FORKED?

FORKED, a Web3 founder-focused event brand, is the latest venture by Addy Creeze, a serial crypto conference organizer and builder since 2014, will grace SJ. Kunsthalle in Seoul, Korea on September 2, 2024. 

FORKED Gaming is a new initiative exploring Web3 Gaming and SocialFi, two thriving Web3 narratives. The global gaming market is now bigger than movies and music combined, with Web3 Gaming and SocialFi leveraging blockchain’s core principles of decentralization, transparency, and ownership to create value and drive engagement.

Previously, Addy’s events welcomed numerous thought leaders, including Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, the Winklevoss twins of Gemini, CZ from Binance, and Yat Siu of Animoca Brands. Iconic figures such as Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, investment titan Tim Draper, and research leader Thomas Lee have also graced its stages. These events have established themselves as must-attend gatherings for anyone interested in the blockchain space.

“FORKED was born just two months ago and is already attracting industry leaders to participate. We’re excited to bring together founders from Gaming and SocialFi IRL in Seoul, making an impact on the Web3 Gaming and SocialFi ecosystem and driving user growth. We have a lot to show.” – Addy Crezee, Founder & CEO at FORKED. 

Save the Date:

  • Date: September 2nd, 2024
  • Location: SJ. Kunsthalle, Seoul, Korea

For more information and updates on Forked, please visit website.

The media from this piece is available here. | For more information about FORKED, please contact [email protected].

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