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Fintech Frontier: Fideum Flourishes with Mastercard’s Finitiv Award

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Fideum Group has been announced as the overall winner of the Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV Program at the SLUSH conference in Helsinki, signaling a major industry endorsement for its unique approach in fintech.

This victory shines a light on how Fideum is not just participating in the financial technology revolution, but actively shaping its course. 

At the forefront of Fideum Group’s impactful journey is its development of a comprehensive blockchain infrastructure, meticulously designed for current and future financial institutions, banks, and SMEs. This infrastructure stands apart for its adaptability to various financial protocols, addressing a critical gap in the market: the need for a robust, compliant, and versatile framework for digital asset integration.

Fideum’s success lies in this precision-engineered approach, enabling seamless transition and use of digital assets within existing financial systems – a feat that blends technical excellence with practical application. 

Recognized by the Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV Program for its visionary outlook and scalable model, Fideum Group has demonstrated that it’s more than a fintech company – it’s a facilitator of meaningful change. The dual awards of regional Baltic class winner and People’s Choice further validate Fideum’s resonance not only with industry experts but also with the broader community. 

Anastasija Plotnikova, CEO of Fideum, reflects on this achievement: “Our recognition at the Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV Program isn’t just a nod to our innovative capabilities; it’s evidence of our deep understanding of the financial sector’s evolving needs. We’re bridging the crucial divide between traditional banking and blockchain, delivering solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also deeply aligned with market demands and regulatory standards.” 

This award from Mastercard’s Lighthouse FINITIV Program marks a key milestone for Fideum Group, bolstering its position as a forerunner in the fintech world. It’s not just about the success we’ve achieved; it’s about the path we’re paving for the future of finance – a path defined by our commitment to deliver sophisticated, secure, and user-centric digital asset solutions. 

Fideum Group’s journey ahead is poised to be as dynamic as its current triumph, with a focus on expanding its innovative services and fostering an inclusive financial landscape where technology serves real-world needs and drives sustainable growth. 

For more information on Fideum Group’s pioneering work in fintech, visit Fideum Group’s Website.

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