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Find crypto trading difficult and time consuming? Newly launched AI AlgosOne will do everything for you

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When trading for the first time with just a few hundred dollars to invest, investors can’t compete with the big players.

Leading hedge funds and investment firms outperform retail traders every time because they have access to a mass of costly resources, including cutting-edge technology, advanced trading algorithms, professional research and analysis teams delivering quality financial insights, and in-depth, expert analysis.

They also have highly sophisticated artificial intelligence-based technology that gives them the edge by executing vast volumes of trades at incredible speeds to capitalize on market inefficiencies. In addition, powerful algorithms analyze massive datasets to identify potentially profitable investment opportunities as they arise.

Another way in which hedge funds and investment firms can stay multiple steps ahead of the curve is through the scale and diversification of their portfolios. Managing large pools of capital enables big institutional investors to spread their investments across a broad range of assets and markets, mitigating risk by reducing the negative impact that poor-performing assets can have on the overall portfolio.

They can also implement strategies like leveraging, short selling, and complex derivatives trading that generate higher profits but are beyond the reach of many retail investors since they require major capital and a deep well of market expertise. 

So how can the little guy compete on the global markets if they don’t have the financial and technological resources and the depth of market knowledge of leading hedge funds and investment firms? 

A new, free AI trading platform, using cutting-edge technology that has not previously been accessible to retail investors, is now determined to level the playing field. AlgosOne, is an AI-based trading system designed to democratize the trading space and make professional-grade investment capabilities accessible to absolutely everyone. 

5 Reasons AlgosOne Is easier to use

1. The Technology

AlgosOne has developed its own groundbreaking AI trading technology that gives retail investors an equal shot at trading success. Its machine learning algorithms process incredibly large datasets using institutional-grade analytics to pinpoint opportunities that would not be visible to everyday traders. 

AlgosOne can analyze data covering the macroeconomy, companies, currencies, and commodities, evaluating technical indicators across multiple asset classes at once, while tracking breaking news 24/7 in every language. The AI then implements complex strategies to identify high-probability trades and execute them instantaneously.

Trading and risk management strategies are constantly being honed and refined as new data is received and as the sophisticated machine learning algorithm course-corrects as it expands its knowledge base and learns from its experiences.

By automating the entire process and utilizing AI technology at the tip of the spear, AlgosOne democratizes access to elite trading infrastructure, ensuring everyone has the same chance to grow their capital, however modest their savings and however minimal their market experience.

2. The Security

Security is another area where AlgosOne is offering a service on par with the investment heavyweights. An EU financial services license mandates adherence to tough security  standards, and like the world’s leading investment firms, AlgosOne is only partnered with tier-1 banks and custodians. In addition, the AlgosOne Reserve Fund provides coverage for user capital in the case of a company, technology, market or security failure, as well as offsetting losses from unsuccessful trades. 

Risk management protocols are rigorous and transparent. Institutional-caliber automated risk analysis and hedging tools and a diverse trading portfolio mitigate exposure, while liquidation is prevented by means of per-trade balance caps. Human risk management teams also provide 24/7 oversight of the markets and the AI, providing an added layer of armor to shield user capital.

Everyone deserves to have their money protected with the same rigor, whether it is an investment of $500 or $5 million. At AlgosOne, AI’s phenomenal technological potential is combined with a philosophy of financial inclusion and a drive to make economic opportunity and fiscal security available to all.

3. The Simplicity

As with the best investment firms, users can hand your hard-earned capital over to AlgosOne and they will take it from there.

Investors simply register and then deposit funds. After that, their can get on with your day while AlgosOne takes over and puts your money to work.

For every trade, the AI will determine the asset, trade size, entry and exit times, direction, and risk parameters. In some cases, you will receive a trade notification, and you will just be required to click the APPROVE button inside the message.

At any time, users can go to the dashboard, which is very user-friendly and see the details of the trades made on users behalf and their outcomes. So, users can track their profits in real time without having to wait for a quarterly report.

4. The Affordability

The biggest difference between AlgosOne and an investment fund is with regard to costs. Not only are investors not paying a small fortune for someone to manage their money, they are not paying a penny!

AlgosOne charges no fee for joining, no maintenance fees, no deposit fees, and no transaction fees. The only fee is a commission on profitable trades, which is not charged if the trade is unsuccessful. This means that fees never eat into the user’s core capital.

50% of the funds earned from commissions are used to pay for platform operations, including risk management and technological support, while the other 50% goes to the reserve fund, which offers user balance coverage and pays out compensation on failed trades. The reserve fund balance can always be viewed on the dashboard. 

The higher the user’s trading tier, the lower the commission fee on winning trades and the higher the compensation on losing trades. Trading tiers go from 1-10 and are based on the size of the user’s deposit amount. 

5. The Profitability

Last, but far from least, is the issue of profits. Most investment firms will only accept investors with sizable minimum capital investments. In contrast, the minimum deposit at AlgosOne is just $300, for users at tier-1. Those at higher trading tiers earn a higher profit percentage, with more and larger trades made on their behalf each day, but everyone receives compounding on their profits regardless of the size of their investment.

Profit percentage brackets for each tier can be viewed before making a deposit and these percentages already have commission payments on successful trades factored in.

The AI currently has an 80% accuracy rate and as the machine learning  algorithm learns from its trading experience and the expansion of its knowledge-base over time, the trade  success rate will continue to improve. Based on past AlgosOne performance, users can see profits reaching as high as 145% a year.  

It’s a brave new world for retail investors, and institutional investors are losing their monopoly over wealth management as AI becomes more affordable, intelligent, and accessible. AlgosOne is leading the way, placing exceptionally user-friendly, institutional-caliber technology into the hands of the average trader, breaking down barriers to the global markets.

There’s a 14-day commitment free trial period.

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