Financial Website Zero Hedge Banned by Twitter Over Coronavirus Conspiracy Claims

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Twitter recently banned an account belonging to a financial site Zero Hedge over false claims and coronavirus conspiracy promotions.

As coronavirus continues to spread, concerns are rising higher and higher, and the fact that many are spreading misinformation on the internet is only making matters more difficult. Misinformation has emerged on social media, like Facebook, and even Google is doing all that it can in order to fight those who would cause panic by publishing false data.

Now, Twitter has joined the fight as well. The platform has recently permanently banned an account belonging to a financial site called Zero Hedge, due to spreading false information and promoting conspiracies regarding the virus outbreak.

Zero Hedge shared a story that made unsubstantiated claims regarding a Wuhan-based scientist, whom it accused of creating the virus as a weapon. Not only that, but it also doxxed this researcher by publishing its personal information, including his name, email, phone number, and even his photo. Lastly, the financial site suggested that the readers should pay him a visit, which is a rather clear threat of violence.

Twitter itself released a statement following the ban, simply stating that it had banned Zero Hedge over violations of its platform manipulation policy. Meanwhile, Zero Hedge said on Friday that it received a notice in which it was warned of violating policies regarding abuse and harassment.

At this point, Zero Hedge still has a presence on Facebook, so it was not cut off from social media completely. However, its audience is now significantly smaller, given the fact that it had over 670,000 followers on Twitter before it was banned. Even so, many believe that the ban was quite deserved, as the company clearly misused social media to spread misinformation, make threats, and inspire violence.

Twitter warned that it will move against anyone who makes an attempt to spread coronavirus misinformation. Now, the platform delivered, proving that it does not take much for social media to erase even large and influential accounts during crackdowns if they deserve it.

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