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Ripple Consolidates at $0.6, Solana Becomes 4th Largest Crypto, Everlodge Reaches Stage 9 of Presale

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Solana has recently passed Ripple in market cap fueled by its growth. SOL experienced a significant upswing of 940% in the past year. This has positioned it as a market leader and put it in the 4th spot in terms of market cap. 

The monumental surge resulted in increased confidence within the Web3 space. XRP on the other hand, has largely stagnated in the past month. It’s only up 2.3% in the past 30 days. 

Those looking to diversify have turned their attention to Everlodge (ELDG).

Solana (SOL) Becomes 4th Largest Crypto – Price Has Reached $116.33

Solana (SOL) entered the year with a surge, as its value has not stopped growing. It surged 83.6% from December of 2023 to January of 2024. A possible bullish breakout of the range formation will drive its uptrend beyond $125. During the past week, Solana increased from $98.29 to $116.33. 

Solana currently boasts a market cap of $50,007,439,255, an average trading volume of $3,319,971,587. The SOL price could likely face a decisive breakthrough in the influence of the consolidation range formation. The breakout fall could cause the price to tumble and revisit the $90 range.

Ripple (XRP) Consolidates at $0.6 – Is $0.9 Possible?

Ripple (XRP)’s upward momentum recently came to a halt. The bearish sentiment surrounding its future has increased following Ripple’s release of 1 billion XRP from its escrow accounts. 

According to data from WhaleAlert, multiple transactions contributed to this change. The most notable ones included one at $500,000,000 XRP. Then, there was another at 300,000,000 XRP, and a third at 27,000,000 XRP. This routing Ripple procedure takes place on the first of each month and involves numerous transactions. 

It provides a controlled amount of liquidity to the market. Despite this, the XRP crypto is consolidating around the $0.6 mark. According to analysts, if Ripple breaks past this, it can surge to $0.9067.

Everlodge (ELDG) Enters Stage 9 of Presale – Price to 100x at Launch

Everlodge (ELDG) is an upcoming real estate marketplace that can democratize the $280 trillion real estate market. The industry was initially locked only to the extremely wealthy as most properties would cost millions in upfront capital.

This upcoming marketplace will disrupt the industry by minting each property as an NFT before fractionalizing it into smaller pieces. Through this method, each piece can be split into thousands of pieces worth $100.

If a property is worth $10,000,000, it can be split into 100,000 pieces. Each piece can be worth just $100. Anyone can co-own properties as a result and gain benefits like passive income and value appreciation.

The project is undergoing its presale, where it reached Stage 9 and trades at $0.029.


Solana is currently surging while Ripple has experienced a halt in its growth. Many are turning their attention to the Everlodge Presale.

Everlodge Presale

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