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Michaël Van de Poppe Says Ethereum Will Continue to Rally – Everlodge Surprises With AI Integration

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Crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe expressed bullishness for the future of the Ethereum (ETH) crypto over the Fidelity filing. In light of this filing, the analyst asserts his belief that it can surge to $3,500 in Q1, 2024. 

Everlodge (ELDG), on the other hand, is getting the most attention during its presale stage as it will introduce AI-driven elements to the $280 trillion industry. We will go over the price performance of both cryptocurrencies to see exactly how far they can climb during the year. 

Ethereum (ETH) to spike in Q1, 2024, According to Michaël Van De Poppe

Michaël van de Poppe is a well-respected analyst among Web3 circles, with over 675,000 followers on X (Twitter). According to the analyst, the Ethereum crypto is poised to reach $3,500 during the first quarter of 2024. Another analyst, Maartunn, noted how someone is buying Ethereum futures using TWAP. The linear growth in open interest indicates systematic buying over a certain period, with $700 million added on Nov. 22.

The breakout above the $2,000 price range was the first essential sign of a bullish move. The Ethereum price is above that point, but it has not managed to break above $2,200. If Ethereum does climb, it could reach new heights and have a far more bullish future.

Everlodge (ELDG) to Feature AI Elements and Rewards Club

While Ethereum can spike, another crypto that has more growth potential is Everlodge. This is an upcoming marketplace where anyone can invest in the $280 trillion luxury property industry without needing millions in upfront capital. The platform will allow anyone access to properties for just $100.

Everlodge works through minting properties as NFTs. By doing so, they can be split into smaller pieces through fractionalization. If a property is worth $7,000,000, for example, it can be split across 70,000 pieces, which are worth just $100 each.

This way, anyone can buy a fraction of a single property or numerous properties whilst also retaining all the benefits of owning them. For example, they receive a passive income from rental properties, while the NFT’s value grows parallel to real-world property’s price.

Users on the platform will have access to an innovative AI tool that analyzes global real estate trends and can be used to predict future prices in different geographical locations and identify gems and emerging markets. 

The platform will also feature a Rewards Club, where holders of the crypto can gain access to free nightly stays, which they can re-sell for additional capital gains if they do not want to use them. 

By staking the native crypto, users can access passive income opportunities, but the token is also used for governance. During the stage seven presale, ELDG is offered at just $0.025. 

For more information, please visit the Everlodge website.

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