EOS developer Block.one is looking to simplify the blockchain adoption process for businesses with a new suite of institutional-grade solutions.

While adoption of the novel tech continues to spread across the world, major technical barriers still exist. Many organizations often lack the technical skills required to deploy robust distributed ledger technology (DLT) protocols.

Block.one Rolls Out EOSIO Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Block.one announced the news of its “EOSIO for Business” service pack via a press release issued on Oct. 15. According to the press statement, the EOS developer is now offering a suite of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for businesses.

As part of its enterprise-grade DLT offerings, Block.one is providing Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) to interested businesses. Typically, with BaaS, companies need only deploy a custom-made blockchain implementation without needing internal tech expertise.

According to the press release, blockchain gaming startup Mythical Games is already using Block.one’s EOSIO for Business service suite. Apart from providing BaaS, the EOS developer is also offering technical support, training, certification, and DLT consultancy services.

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Commenting on the decision to debut the service suite, Block.one CEO remarked that the company’s latest offering would help bridge the skills gap required to deploy enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

“EOSIO for Business is a holistic set of products designed to help organizations of all sizes capture the benefits without the complexity,”

Blummer added in the press release.

Challenging the R3 – Hyperledger – Ethereum Dominance

Block.one’s BaaS also marks the entry of the EOS blockchain into the enterprise DLT implementation race. Presently, R3 Corda, Hyperledger, and Ethereum are the major players in the enterprise blockchain arena.

As previously reported by BeInCrypto, Ethereum is the base layer of choice for developing enterprise blockchain solutions in Europe.

Citing the 2020 Enterprise Blockchain report published by European VC firm LeadBlock back in July 2020, BeInCrypto revealed that blockchain-based finance firms favored Corda while Hyperledger was the most popular infrastructure for agriculture and food traceability use cases.