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Envelop Unveils Groundbreaking Book on NFTs

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The collateral-backed and price discovery cross-chain protocol Envelop has just released a brand-new book about NFTs.

This book delves into how the introduction of dynamic, executable, financial, and collateralized NFTs has reshaped the world of non-fungible tokens.

This book has the latest generation of innovations, but you won’t know about them unless you go beyond the colorful and deliberately garish cover.

In the NFT field, like pink flowers of the spring sakura, new sprouts are constantly appearing: upgradable SBT, collateralized NFT, SAFT wNFT, charged non-fungible tokens, and etc.

That is why we have chosen a collage of two elements as the symbol of the book, each of which represents the world of the past and the future respectively. Flamboyant  –  from the world of NFT 1.0, and calm and technological  –  from NFT 2.0.

4 Reasons to Read this Book About NFTs

  1. You will learn why NFTs are not dead and how much longer they will live.
  2. This book packs more than 100 pages of pure substance, as it’s been crafted by practitioners for practitioners. Whether you’re looking to refresh or organize your knowledge in this field, this book is the perfect fit.
  3. You’ll find an overview of different types of NFT2.0
  4. One notable feature of the book is its diverse collection of real-world smart NFT use cases across various industries. For example, collateralized wNFTs indices may not only help you survive the crypto winter, but maybe also save or even grow your capital and crossNFT along with ZKP will help to counter CBDC.

DAO Envelop invites you to be a part of this book’s evolution by proposing new sections, chapters, and alternative phrasings, and sharing interesting insights. This embodies the spirit of decentralization and DAOs.

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About Envelop

Envelop is the NFT2.0 protocol for creating programmable assets. The Envelop project operates and evolves in the form of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with more than 1,000 DAO members and backed by over 20 VCs. More than 20 product use cases based on Envelop protocol have been discovered, over 10 products and five innovations have been delivered for DeFi, GameFi, VCs and Growth Hack to the Web3.0 market since 2020.

Envelop is a collateral-backed and price discovery cross-chain protocol to provide NFT with inner value and liquidity. This will lead Envelop further to creation of secured decentralized derivatives.

Envelop consists of three parts:

1) Protocol to add the crypto assets new functionality (collateral, on-chain royalties, rental mechanism, time/value/event-locks)

2) Oracle to score the collateral and assess the quality of assets inside NFTs;

3) Index to hedge the position to the whole NFT market — becomes one of the first decentralized and collateralized simultaneously market indices for NFT and related assets.
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