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ElseVerse World Introduces Its Metaverse Concept

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Updated by Petar Jovanovic

Road Town, Tortola, BVI / March 21, 2023 / ElseVerse World introduces its new metaverse concept.

As the company committed to fostering metaverse adoption in particular, ElseVerse World introduced its innovative metaverse concept. ElseVerse is a world that consists of multiple interconnected universes. It will open new dimensions of entertainment for players, unlimited experiences for visitors, and plenty of earning opportunities for investors. ElseVerse is a metaverse for all, literally. 

Its heart is MetaPolis, a futuristic city that welcomes everybody who yearns to be a part of its wealth and prosperity. There, users can be a part of sensational events, fierce competitions, or just walk around the roads enjoying stunning looks and socializing.

ElseVerse is not limited to MetaPolis. Outside of the city, players can benefit from completely different activities: mining Juice – the most valuable resource that powers MetaPolis, capturing and taming Dragons to keep them later as pets, participating in battles to win valuable awards, and selling them for profit, and many other activities. 

What Can You Expect in ElseVerse?

Whether the user is a gamer, an investor, or just wants to see what is going on there, they will find what they need in ElseVerse. 

For Gamers

Top-quality AAA games that take place in giant arenas of MetaPolis are one of major attractions for those who love to play and compete. Users can participate in:

  • Misfits – an obstacle-based racing game where players use gladiator-like characters to figure out the most optimal setup to dominate opponents and win.
  • Dragon Arenas – users can own, train, and nurture dragons to use them in battles and win, or to sell them for profit.
  • Marauder Champions – this V1V game is about building dungeons with deadly traps and mazes to steal other players’ loot.

Users will also be able to try one of that plethora of activities available in ElseVerse:

  • They can explore the space around MetaPolis and move to other planets and universes.
  • Users can trade unique and rare artifacts, characters, and whatever is in demand and get profit.
  • They can also set up their own farm to grow plants and breed animals to use them later for your needs or sell them.
  • Players can pick any other activity or some of them to make sure you enjoy every second of playing.

For Investors

ElseVerse offers plenty of earning opportunities:

  • Users can buy salvage lands, develop them to grow their value, and use them to produce valuable resources, rent, or sell them. 
  • Commercial land plots within MetaPolis deserve special attention because they are available in a limited amount and can be used to open a business or build a supportive community around you.
  • Lands inhabited by rare dragons are of special value considering that dragons can be sold or participate in highly profitable games. So, users may consider purchasing one to rent it out later.
  • Finally, in-game items in the form of NFTs, some of them are available in limited quantities only, also can be upgraded and sold for a profit later.

Those who want to have a look at what is going on but aren’t ready to invest yet can find plenty of things to do in ElseVerse. So, users can roam the buzzing streets of MetaPolis enjoying shows and attending events, cheering for favorite artists and teams in the crowded arenas, checking storefronts, and just being a part of this amazing world full of life and adventures. 

Whatever You Get There Has Value in the Real World

The ElseVerse economy is built in a way to ensure the growth in value of all items and resources over time. Users will apply resources for gaming activities which will power the metaverse, and collectibles will motivate users to play more and thus, to invest more. It means that over time, the demand for these items, and thus, their value will be growing. 

ElseVerse isn’t going to leave these matters up to chance. A fully-functional treasury system will intervene to solve any potential liquidity issues, balance the prices of resources, and take other measures to keep the economy stable.

About ElseVerse

ElseVerse is the interconnected network of parallel universes where users can immerse themselves in an array of fascinating experiences.Once you enter the ElseVerse metaverse you will discover a place built for you to live, dream, socialize, shop and play in amazing adventures

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