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Elon Musk Isn’t Done With Twitter Yet: Another Legacy Feature Will Be Removed

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In Brief

  • Elon Musk plans to overhaul how X (formerly Twitter) displays news articles, removing headlines to show only images.
  • The change, aimed at saving space and reducing clickbait, faces backlash from current advertisers on X.
  • Amid challenges, CEO Linda Yaccarino commits to brand safety, while Musk encourages 'richer' content.
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Recent developments indicate a new direction for X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Elon Musk, the dynamic entrepreneur behind this change, is planning another significant overhaul. This time, the way news articles are displayed on the service is undergoing a transformation.

According to trusted reports by Fortune, X is gearing up to strip out the headline and text from tweets with news article links.

Elon Musk Throws New Changes at Twitter / X

Instead, only the article’s lead image will be showcased. The intention behind this drastic change is twofold: saving vertical pixel space and curbing issues of clickbait.

Such a move is not surprising, given Musk’s unconventional approach. Following his acquisition, the platform has experienced a rough patch in terms of advertiser retention. And this latest amendment hasn’t been met with unanimous approval.

Upon sharing a link on X, users and publishers alike will have to manually input their text accompanying the links. Failing to do so will render the tweet as an image with no context other than an overlaid URL. This might pose challenges for publishers who rely on social media for their website traffic and for advertisers striving for visibility.

The decision, as insiders claim, is a direct reflection of Musk’s vision for the platform. By reducing the vertical height of tweets, he aims to showcase more content within a user’s visible timeline. Moreover, Musk’s efforts are aimed at discouraging clickbait content.

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Advertisers Having a Tough Time With Elon Musk and Twitter X

The platform’s relationship with advertisers is under the microscope, with several firms suspending their advertising on X. Issues arose when brands found their advertisements placed next to controversial content. Notably, the NCTA and pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences paused their advertising engagements with X after such incidents.

Despite these challenges, X Corp. CEO Linda Yaccarino has proactively addressed concerns. In a recent CNBC interview, Yaccarino emphasized her commitment to brand safety, assuring advertisers that their ads will only appear next to appropriate content. Her strategy also entails flagging content that may be legally permissible but potentially harmful for brand association.

Twitter / X Corp. CEO Linda Yaccarino says she has ‘autonomy’ under Elon Musk

Looking at the platform’s history, the “Card” format used to display articles was essential when the character limit stood at 140. But with the current premium version allowing up to 25,000 characters in a single tweet, there is ample opportunity for detailed context surrounding shared articles.

Musk, through his recent posts on X, has urged journalists to leverage the platform for richer content. His management strategies might seem perplexing to many, but they carry the signature Musk flair.

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