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These Are the Chances of Dogwifhat (Wif) Price Seeing a 21% Rise  

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In Brief

  • Dogwifhat (WIF) price is in a rising channel, a breakout from which could initiate a 21% rally.
  • Investors are exhibiting bullishness, albeit slowly toward a rally, which is evident in the rise in open interest.
  • Broader market cues are also positive, which is key for the meme coin to cross the resistance at $4.
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dogwifhat (WIF) price is moving within a bullish rising channel that signals the meme coin has potential for a rally.

With the support of its investors, WIF is likely to complete the projected increase in price in the coming days.

Dogwifhat Investors Seem Optimistic

WIF price is noting gains and could continue this increase owing to the bullish cues noted in the investors’ behavior. The Open Interest is evidence of the same. Open interest represents the total number of outstanding futures contracts that have not been settled. It reflects the level of investor interest and the potential for market volatility.

This open interest rose by $85 million in the last three weeks. Although slow, the growth is a sign that investors are pouring money into the altcoin and placing bets regarding its future. Since the funding rate is positive now, traders are likely to make bullish bets and place long contracts.

WIF Open Interest.
WIF Open Interest. Source: Coinglass

This will play in favor of the WIF price rallying.

At the same time, broader market cues also support an increase visible in the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). MACD is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of an asset’s price. It consists of two lines – the MACD line and the signal line – and is used to identify potential buy and sell signals.

Currently, the indicator is exhibiting a bullish crossover, with the histogram showing rising green bars. This is an indication of the increase in bullishness in the market.

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WIF MACD. Source: TradingView

Thus, WIF price has a shot at noting gains soon.

WIF Price Prediction: Rally Ahead?

WIF price trading at $3.16 is under the resistance of $3.18, which has historically acted as a key level. Flipping this resistance into support will support an increase in price, which is what the meme coin is due for.

Trading within a rising channel, WIF price is anticipated to note a 21% rally upon breakout. A rising channel is a technical chart pattern characterized by the price moving between two upward-sloping parallel lines. This is often interpret this pattern as a bullish signal, suggesting continued upward momentum.

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WIF Price Analysis.
WIF Price Analysis. Source: TradingView

Bullish cues support the possibility of a breakout if the $3.5 price level transitions into a support zone.

On the other hand, if the breach of $3.18 fails, a decline to $2.75 is likely. This would lead to an invalidation of the bullish thesis, extending the fall to $2.36

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