Digitex Futures Reveals Launch Date for Long-Awaited Mainnet – Trade BTC Futures with Zero Fees

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03/02/2019, Providence, Seychelles – Digitex Ltd, a commission-free bitcoin futures exchange, is today announcing the launch date of its mainnet platform after receiving the green light from its development team. April 27 will mark a huge milestone for the company that will allow its users to trade BTC futures over and over without incurring a single fee.

The mainnet launch will be a very big day for Digitex Futures – and for cryptocurrency trading in general. The company believes that it is bringing something truly unique to the crypto derivatives space. Beyond zero fees, which facilitate aggressive trading strategies such as scalping, Digitex is the first platform to introduce a rapid-fire trading ladder to crypto trading.

Onboarding traders to the mainnet will start on April 27 and Digitex will follow the same process it did with its beta rollout, allowing a selected group of “Alpha” traders in first to ensure the launch goes off successfully. Every day, more traders will be added until the launch is complete.

Currently, in its beta version, the platform is receiving some excellent feedback. Beyond new features being incorporated almost daily and bugs being smoothed out, testers are commenting about how robust the platform is and the high amounts of volume it is handling.

One tester by the username of Silvi Silvito said, “Trading on the platform this week was just outstanding. Stable and robust taking massive volumes and huge traffic.”

Another by the alias of Cryptrader enthused, “I have been in this space since crypto futures first came onto the scene… I can say with 100% confidence that Digitex Futures has the most user-friendly UI for any scalper to use in the crypto space. When you combine that with zero commissions it is truly amazing how much of an edge you can take back as a trader.”

The Digitex Daily Trading Battle

To encourage rigorous participation in the testing of the beta to stress-test the platform and help get it ready for mainnet, Digitex launched its daily Trading Battle earlier this month. The feedback has been extremely positive. The Battle is running for 100 days in the run-up to the mainnet release and produces 100 winners of real DGTX prizes each day from an overall prize pool of 6 million DGTX.

Founder and CEO of Digitex Futures Adam Todd said, “Our mission at Digitex is to create winning traders. We want to make the very best use of this testing period not only to uncover bugs and help us ensure a robust exchange upon mainnet but also to allow testers to practice and learn how to win. The Trading Battle is the perfect opportunity to achieve all this–while giving them the chance to fight it out for real DGTX tokens.”

He added, “The feedback that we’ve had from the beta has been really encouraging with testers calling the platform fun and addictive.” With one of the largest communities in the crypto space, Digitex testers have been very responsive. Beyond trading with zero fees, Digitex’s trading ladder is the most talked-about of all its features.

The ladder allows traders to really stay in the price zone and keep their eyes on the action, placing trades with a single mouse click and no extra keyboard strokes or movements.

First-place winner of the Trading Battle Scalpy commented, “Once you get used to the idea of being able to place orders at the price you want using a ladder, there’s no going back… As a scalper, the concept of commission-free trading is the stuff of dreams.”

For further details of the Digitex Trading Battle, please visit: https://digitexfutures.com/tradingbattle/


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