Diamond Hands Combines Jewelry, Bitcoin, NFTs

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Diamond Hands, a limited collection of jewelry from Desired, grounded in the principal values of the crypto-world, emerges with a spirit that resembles UniSocks’ essence: token pricing based on a bonding curve, exclusive supply, and redeemable goods.

The company based in Bali, Indonesia, trusts highly experienced manufacturers to create their handcrafted rings and has its main factory in Hong Kong. 

Diamond Hands’ edition counts on 100 rings of 750th gold purity, inlaid with 3.6-carat diamonds and 1.5-carat emeralds.

According to its founders, CEO Roman Burch CEO and CTO Yevgeniy Sarayev, it was born as an attempt to combine bitcoin’s propositions: disruptiveness, uniqueness, and pureness. Clearly portrayed in their designs, both are passionate about luxury, elegance, quality, and crypto. 

In this respect, Burch stated: The philosophy of my brand is to make people understand that jewelry is not just another purchase in a supermarket! This is something unique and pure. The impressions of such a purchase should become a part of your family history, which will always be in your heart.”

Meanwhile, Sarayev has been an active personality in the crypto space since 2016. About Diamond Hands’ foundation, Sarayev said: “After much attention to digital art by NFT, we decided to bring real physical value such as luxury jewelry as collateral for NFT.”

Their dynamically priced token, In Bitcoin We Trust (IBWT) behaves in the same way as utility tokens do. Each token entitles the purchaser to a physical diamond ring exchangeable at their platform.

With every sale, the value of the next purchase increases by 6%, which creates a potential profit for holders. As the limited supply of 100 rings is commercialized, early buyers gain rewards from the bonding curve.

At the same time, Diamond Hands plans to expand its bitcoin’s inspired catalogue with necklaces and watches that will provide investors with a wide range of options in the incoming weeks.

About Roman Burch Co-Founder and CEO

Roman Burch’s career started almost a decade ago, buying famous jewelry for clients in Russia. By being immersed in this job, Burch studied high-quality jewelry from different houses. With the experience that years provide, he decided to develop his jewelry brand called Desired.

About Yevgeniy Sarayev Co-Founder and CTO

Yevgeniy Sarayev made his first investment into crypto 5 years ago. Since then, has been working on bringing value to crypto adoption. After 2 years of trading indicators development, preaches exclusively about investing and hold. Beyond co-founding Diamond Hands, Sarayev is co-founder of currently developing app Dindex and cross-chain Startup accelerator XStarter.

About Diamond Hands

Diamond Hands is a limited collection from the jewelry brand, Desired, designed to honor bitcoin, encourage the adoption of exclusive high-quality jewelry, and provide value to its investors.


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