DeliAlgo: An Ideal Financial and Technological Ecosystem of Digital Economy

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DeliAlgo ecosystem kicks off in Southeast Asia with F&B services, content creation platform, and financial management platforms applying AI technology.



DeliAlgo brings technological innovations to consumption, monetization, and financial management, creating real value for DLC tokens owned by users and used throughout the ecosystem.

State of technology in the digital economy

In less than a decade, the world had witnessed the rise of the 4.0 revolution, when concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and Big Data applied to almost all factors of social life. Besides, the strong influence of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is also changing traditional finance. It can be said that the above technologies are essential methods and tools to build a superior society in the new era.



However, the current technology application platforms and services are not closely linked and mixed with traditional financial methods, creating an unsustainable whole. The digital economy needs to be leveraged by sustainable economic and technology ecosystems, where closely linked platforms and services influence each other under a co-development mechanism.

About DeliAlgo

DeliAlgo is a Singapore-based technology investment company, operating in many fields since 1997. From 2021, DeliAlgo focuses on investing in building a financial and technology ecosystem.

“DeliAlgo’s vision is to create a vast technology ecosystem where all products and services are fully compatible with the needs and desires of the users. Users do not stop at the purpose of using DeliAlgo’s services, but also contribute to the value chain of the ecosystem through smart investment solutions supported by modern financial management tools” – Mr. Kim Seung Jong – Founder & CEO DeliAlgo.  

The DeliAlgo ecosystem starts off with the provision of services in Southeast Asia. In addition to its ever-evolving economies of scale, Southeast Asia also has a considerable youth market where easy access to new technology concepts and investments in the future dominate. Robust internet infrastructure and crypto-friendly legislation compared to the rest of the world are also why DeliAlgo chose this region.

Products in the DeliAlgo Ecosystem

DeliAlgo provides an ecosystem for intelligent consumption, monetization, and financial management with critical products and services including:

  • ContentChill – Content creation platform.
  • Delichill – Food delivery and marketing services (in the Vietnamese market first).
  • DeliFinance – AI-powered financial management platform

With a team of years of experience in finance and technology, DeliAlgo promises to conquer users with high-tech products and services that are pervasive to all areas of society at a reasonable cost for users.

DeliAlgo’s goal is to build a complete ecosystem, fully develop the necessary pieces, fully serve users’ needs, and retain users. Since then, DeliAlgo has aimed to become the leading financial and technology ecosystem in the region and the world, contributing to the development of the digital economy.

DeliAlgo uses the DLC token (Delicoin) to fuel the platform and pay for services in the ecosystem. DLC is a multifunctional token that benefits its holders towards upcoming projects in the DeliAlgo ecosystem. With marketing campaigns and global events planned, Delicoin has a bright future ahead of it.

Token information:

  • Full Name: DeliCoin
  • Short name: DLC
  • Total Supply: 2,500,000,000 DLC
  • Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
  • Smart contract

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Read the Whitepaper | visit the Website | Read the business profile: Business Profile – DELI-ALGO INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. – 2021-08-03_0.pdf.


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