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Damex Launches IEO & Smart Finance App For Health And Fitness Enthusiasts

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Updated by Petar Jovanovic

Damex, an established digital asset company is launching a new smart finance app that streamlines b2b transactions and also promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle for everyday crypto users.

The app (already live in EEA and UK) uses NFTs and Damex’s proprietary $DAMEX token to make digital asset finance more accessible and engaging through gamifying the user’s experience. The full version of the app is set to launch following the IEO, with loads of exciting features set for release.  

Big Changes in Crypto

After a series of big-name collapses in the crypto market in 2022, and now the fall of mainstream banks in Silvergate & Silicon valley, global regulators are focused on bringing more stringent legislation for digital asset service providers. The Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) Regulation will bring in a new regulatory framework for EU-based crypto-asset companies, with the aim of protecting investors, fostering innovation, and to sure-up the crypto-asset sector at a time when confidence is low. 

Damex Up to the Challenge

The new EU legislation suggests that companies with accreditations like DLT licenses will have the edge over the competition. Especially when it comes to things like investment, brand trust, and overall transparency. Damex is only one of 14 companies in the world with a Gibraltar DLT license, which means that the company can offer trading and custody of DLT assets. 

Damex’s Gibraltar DLT license ensures that the company is well-positioned to provide safe and secure digital asset finance services to its users. Damex also has an established client base of 750 different companies, is fully regulated by Gibraltar GFSC, and is currently overseeing $120 Million USD in trading volume per month. With the DLT license, established brand, and company growth, Damex is ready to seriously expand its offerings with the smart finance app and IEO. 

Smart Finance App

A newfound global interest in fitness following two long covid lockdowns, and a changing landscape in the crypto market has paved the way for the Damex smart finance app. The app features cross-border remittance, a Visa Card Program, OTC desk services, and cold storage for crypto wallets. Users can freely exchange all digital assets, as well as pay in and out using crypto or fiat. 

The move-to-earn gamification layer adds a new level of engagement for users, who can convert the steps they take each day into rewards such as NFTs and other perks. Users can take part in challenges to earn rewards, including the ability to stake $DAMEX tokens to unlock various rewards, access governance rights on key app features, token listings, and more to come. The Damex smart finance app is currently available only to residents of the UK and the EEA.

Token Staking and Upcoming Features

Staking $DAMEX tokens in the app will also unlock a zero-fee VIP Premium Membership, access to additional exercise challenges for rewards, a premium member Visa card, and first access to new features. Some of those include the new non-custodial wallets, as well as life and health insurance. And with greater participation from users to complete the in-app step challenges come better rewards like the option to trade stocks, and traditional assets, and earn unique NFTs.


The Damex IEO starts on April 19th and is available to all interested parties. With 5 years of steady growth and a strong focus on regulatory law, the DAMEX token IEO offers those interested a safer alternative to new project token sales at a time when market confidence is weak. 

Damex is making strides in the industry by offering users an innovative way to combine digital asset finance and health and fitness goals. With the gamification layer, rewards, and improved rates for completing challenges, the Damex smart app could revolutionize how digital asset users engage with the real world. 

Damex will announce two launchpads for the IEO from its official Twitter account in the near future.


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