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The online gambling community is getting bigger by the minute, with more and more people flocking to alluring online casinos to indulge in the entertainment that only they can provide. In such a tech-savvy era, this has led to the rise of hundreds and thousands of gambling sites many of which are a total sham and inefficient – leaving users with a bitter experience that will repel any positive thoughts they might have had about online gambling. This is why it is of paramount importance that players be associated with a site they can trust. A site that they will like. A site that hosts entertaining games with mouth-watering rewards. A site that has friendly moderators who actively engage with users. A site they can call home. A site such as CryptoGames!

What makes CryptoGames better than the others?
There are thousands of online gambling sites that make false promises of quality entertainment, financial security, and excellent odds but ultimately disappoint users due to lack of proper communication, uncaring moderators, boring games and at times even failing to pay winnings! At CryptoGames, there are no such concerns due to the excellent team of professionals and entrepreneurs who run and manage the system and who strive to provide superior entertainment for their gamblers. The administrators along with the moderators here deeply care about the wellbeing of the site’s users and communicate effectively about any issues that come up. Established in 2014, CryptoGames has been home to a community of like-minded people who are open to making friends all over the world and who actively participate in the different events and promotions that CryptoGames hosts.

Play an array of fun and engaging games!
Entertaining Games are one of the primary reasons why a user would start gambling at a specific site. CryptoGames has a library of uber-fun games that are popular, easy to learn and are able to be mastered at an alarming speed. This allows users an opportunity to pick certain games and win big rewards while relishing playing the game at the same time. Moreover, CryptoGames does not intend to intimidate its users and bombard them with hundreds of games, impeding their decision to make a rational choice. The games offered also come with different tutorials and guides, further illustrating CryptoGames utmost care of its users.  The games that CryptoGames offers are-

Dice game
CryptoGames version of Dice is not identical to the traditional Dice game. It comes with a vast range of potential outcomes (0.000-99.999) and the game is decided if a player correctly predicts whether the outcome of the rolling of the dice produces a higher or lower value than an aforementioned number.  Despite the idea being simple, the game is filled with intense competition and provides gamblers with an exhilarating experience.

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The intensely popular game of Roulette comes from the French word for “little wheel” and is offered in almost every online gambling site on the internet. CryptoGames offers a “European” version of the game, which in spite of using the same payout table like its American variant, has almost half the house edge due to the presence of the single zero on the 37-number wheel. This game is extremely interesting and provides fierce competition for devoted gamblers.

This game consists of four reels that spin back and forth before stopping.  Four winning symbols lining up in the middle of the slot signals the win of the pay-out. CryptoGames offers “single line” slots with a horizontal pay line. 5 BTC is the maximum amount that can be won in this simple and fun game.

A banking game where the players compete to have a hand that has points closer to 21 than the bankers’ points.  Blackjack or 21 is a simple but extremely intense game that is popular in numerous online casinos.

Lotto (short for “Lottery”) is a game where players have to purchase tickets. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, two draws of bitcoin lottery are hosted per week, and the three winners announced pocket all of the bitcoins accumulated during the sale of tickets.

A simple game that involves a ball getting dropped from the top of a pyramid, Plinko is a fun and entertaining betting game. Before the ball bounces to the bottom of the pyramid, a payoff value is assigned, and users have to enter the amount they choose to bet.

Video Poker
CryptoGames offers three popular variants of the popular Video Poker which produce excellent winnings. The variants are called Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker and can be selected from the top left corner of the CryptoGames game board.

Minesweeper is an age-old game that has a playing field where players click on as numerous boxes and try to avoid hitting mines. CryptoGames only accept bets that have a profit not greater than 4 BTC (maximum win per bet), which means additional fields are not accessible if the current win reward exceeds 4 BTC.

Concerned about security? Don’t be! CryptoGames is nigh impregnable
CryptoGames does not worry its users with security concerns as it has one of the safest deposit options and comes with a super-secure system that is monitored by a devoted team of professionals who have taken multiple measures to tackle any security issues that might arise. The use of two-factor authentication makes attackers’ efforts futile even if they attain the user-account password. Enabling 2 Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to a user account making logins and withdrawals more secure. Furthermore, an email confirmation is always necessary for withdrawals leaving hackers with almost no options to illegally withdraw cryptocurrency. Lastly, the use of cold wallets in storing funds adds an impenetrable layer of security, as user funds are safe even in the case of a direct attack on the casino.

Winnings are handed to their rightful owners, without complications
CryptoGames is an unbiased platform that does not cheat its users. The site is provably fair, it uses hashes and seeds which can be used by the gamblers to verify each and every bet themselves.  Randompicker, a third party website is used, which generates completely unbiased and arbitrary results with the assistance of anti-cheat measures.
Furthermore, CryptoGames comes with one of the lowest house edges in the industry, giving its users the opportunity to attain big rewards. The house edge of dice is only 0.8% making it one of the sites with the smallest house edge.

The only things you have to be concerned about are the lucrative promotions and fun events!
CryptoGames hosts a multitude of promotions and events throughout the year, presenting users with the opportunity to win a ton of coins and rewards. Prizes also come in the form of voucher codes and lottery tickets, making events even more profitable! In the previous years, the casino hosted their Anniversary, Goal Achievements, Halloween and Christmas events where free coins were handed out to users in their emails and lotto tickets and numerous other gifts were handed out in a multitude of giveaways. Every Monday there is a No Bet Speed Limit Dice event which offers users the chance to place an even larger number of bets per second than usual. A monthly wagering contest is also held that recognizes and rewards the top players on the leader board. Top players are given added benefits and a VIP tag.

The games dice and roulette also have jackpots which can be won in one single bet, if placed correctly and strategically. The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin currently stands at a staggering 3.9 BTC, which can be claimed by one extremely lucky winner.

Last words
CryptoGames fits the necessary criteria for being one of the best gambling sites on the internet.  Gamblers, both old and new, are flocking to the site to join the excellent socio community created there and to relish the great prospects the site provides. If you are new to the site, do NOT hesitate to open a new account. This could mean the start of a beautiful and prosperous gambling journey, for you, and for us.