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Crypto and Stock Markets Spooked After Fake AI Image of Explosion at Pentagon

2 mins
23 May 2023, 11:30 GMT+0000
Updated by Kyle Baird
23 May 2023, 11:30 GMT+0000
In Brief
  • The stock market was spooked and briefly declined after an AI-generated fake image went viral on social media.
  • The fake image showed an explosion near the Pentagon in Washington DC.
  • Community recommends exploring blockchain technology as a potential solution to ensure the authenticity of digital content.
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An AI-generated image of a fake explosion near the Pentagon in Washington DC aroused global worry after briefly sending the stock market into a tailspin.

When it comes to maintaining the stability of democracy and the markets, the growing threat of AI has been a matter of discussion.

AI-Generated Image Fakes Out Finance Markets

The image of the Pentagon explosion quickly gained traction on social media. According to reports, the stock market did temporarily decline as a result of the image. The public was relieved when the Arlington Police Department announced on Twitter that the image was a hoax.  

This episode highlights the critical need for preventive steps to mitigate the negative consequences of artificial intelligence. AI-generated fakes could harm public trust and interfere with elections and democratic processes.

The S&P 500 experienced a brief 0.3% decline as the bogus claims spread on social media. The Kobeissi Letter estimates that the drop of 30 points caused a $500 billion swing. However, the markets recovered quickly as Wall Street awaited a crucial meeting over the debt ceiling. The S&P 500 remained stable at closing on Monday. Meanwhile, the crypto market cap experienced a marginal recovery of 1.4%, according to CoinGecko data.

According to reports, it’s yet to be discovered where the image came from or what AI technologies were used to make it.

Technology Poses Challenges, But Is There a Solution?

The issues presented by false information are made more difficult by the broad dissemination of this phony photograph by multiple verified accounts, including a Russian state media outlet with a sizable following.

AI-generated forgeries can further muddy the borders between fact and fiction, undermining public confidence. Samuel Altman, CEO of OpenAI and developer of ChatGPT, voiced his concerns about the possible harm of AI. He brought up the new tech challenges of AI during a recent U.S. Senate hearing.

Concerns about the impact of deep fakes on democracy have exploded as the 2024 US presidential election draws near. Experts have already warned that these sophisticated technologies can easily distort public opinion, erode trust in institutions, and sabotage electoral processes, as BeInCrypto mentioned.

Additionally, as traditional finance is impacted, cutting-edge approaches like blockchain technology show potential for ensuring the veracity of photographs and videos.

The community points out that Bitcoin might serve as a protection in the cyber world. This is especially true where it might be difficult to tell artificial intelligence-generated data apart from actual data.


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