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Navigating Crypto Taxes Made Easy & Cheap: Meet Cryptiony

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Updated by Dirk van Haaster
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Crypto tax calculation can be a complex and complicated topic, but a new startup called Cryptiony aims to make it easier for users in the UK. The company has just launched its application, which offers unbeatable pricing and fast data syncing.

Cryptiony is a new crypto tax startup that aims to solve the problem of calculating and reporting taxes on cryptocurrency holdings. The company recognizes that cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide tax reports for their users and that the process of calculating taxes on crypto can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive when using an accountant service. 

Cryptiony has launched in the UK at the right moment, where the government is trying to regulate and tax cryptocurrency. It can be expected that with this launch, Cryptiony will be able to achieve brand awareness in the UK market.

Additionally, there are not enough accountants who are up-to-date with the fast-changing legal requirements for crypto taxes in the UK.

How to calculate crypto taxes via Cryptiony?

The process of calculating and reporting crypto taxes via Cryptiony is simple and straightforward. Users can register for the service with just an email address. They can then import and review their transactions and download a tax report. 

The company’s website offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to connect their exchanges and wallets to the platform easily. From there, the platform will automatically calculate the taxes owed on the user’s crypto holdings and generate a report that can be easily submitted to the government.

Advantages of Cryptiony’s platform

One of the key advantages of Cryptiony’s platform is its pricing. The company offers a pricing model based on annual subscription fees, which depend on the number of crypto transactions the user performs. 

Cryptiony offers an unbeatable price in the UK, with up to 500 taxable events for free, making it accessible to the majority of users. The paid starter package starts at £59, ranging to £169 for the Pro version.

Additionally, the platform offers fast syncing of data, which means users can quickly and easily connect their exchanges and wallets without having to wait for lengthy sync times.

How to sign up with Cryptiony?

If you’d like to sign up  with Cryptiony, please click here.

The vision of the Cryptiony

The founders of Cryptiony are experts in the field of technology and finance, which is evident in the platform they have developed. They have turned their passion for cryptocurrencies into a business that helps individuals and businesses navigate the complex and ever-changing regulations around crypto taxes.

Bartosz Milczarek, the CEO of Cryptiony said:

“We believe that by offering a simple and affordable solution for calculating and reporting crypto taxes, we can help users navigate the complex and ever-changing regulations around cryptocurrency. Our platform is designed to make the process as easy as possible so that users can focus on their investments rather than worrying about taxes.”

Bartosz Milczarek and Krzysztof Dworakowski (CTO) have over 10 years of experience in developing IT systems for the banking, forex brokers, and blockchain industry.

They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the fields of technology and finance, making them well-suited to launching a business that solves the challenges of crypto tax calculation.

The CMO, Hanna Milczarek, is a financial professional with a corporate background related to accounting and finance in the IT sector. 

Hanna brings experience in financial management and accounting, which is critical in developing Cryptiony’s financial and tax calculation features, making him a valuable member of the team and adding more depth to Cryptiony’s offering.

The founders’ interest in cryptocurrencies and their extensive background in tech and finance led them to turn their passion into a business. 

They recognized the challenges that individuals and businesses face when it comes to calculating and reporting taxes on their crypto holdings, and they set out to create a solution that makes the process easy and straightforward.

Cryptiony is a recognized company

Cryptiony has been recognized with several awards and distinctions. One of the most notable achievements is that the company was named the “Startup of the Year 2021” during Invest Cuffs 2022, which is one of Europe’s largest trade fairs for the investment market industries such as currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and crowdfunding.

Did you know?

Additionally, Cryptiony was among the top 3 winners during the Fintech Summit Poland and also took home the Audience Award; this is a great recognition for the company on its offering and overall performance. This award is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality and innovative solutions for the crypto tax space.

Cryptiony was also a winner of the Blockchain Innovations Chains pitch competition during the Meetup; this award recognizes the company as a blockchain innovator and a company to watch in the field of crypto taxes.

About Cryptiony

In summary, Cryptiony aims to solve the problem of crypto tax calculations and to report for crypto holders by offering an easy and user-friendly platform with quick syncing and unbeatable pricing. 

Cryptiony platform helps users navigate the complex and ever-changing regulations around cryptocurrency and focus on their investments. This crypto tax tool will save time and money by making it easy to calculate and report on crypto taxes, particularly in the UK market.


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