At the AIBC Summit in Malta earlier this Friday, Craig Wright was confronted by self-described “Bitcoin thought leader,” Richard Heart (@RichardHeartWin), during a talk about Wright’s cryptocurrency, Bitcoin SV.

As BeInCrypto was there to witness, shortly after finishing his talk, Wright began to walk off stage before Heart shouted out, “why did you lie about being Satoshi?” Despite being finished, Wright came back out, and the staff handed Heart a microphone for the two to start debating.

BeInCrypto’s video footage of the scenario:

As you can see, Wright retorts by stating, “Why don’t you pretend to… not be a total fool?” Heart’s response is a little muffled until he is handed the mic, where you hear him accuse Wright of stating in an interview that the cryptocurrency community has been bothering him, his family, his co-workers, and then some, and saying that he will never be seen in public again. “Those were words from your mouth,” Heart claims.

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Wright retorts, stating that he meant he never wanted to be on television again and that the interview was “cut and changed.” Heart then interrupts him, asking the age-old question, “are you Satoshi?” Wright, of course, responds, “Yes!”

“So you wrote the Satoshi whitepaper?,” Heart continues. “Yes!” Wright responds again. Heart starts drilling Wright asking why he stopped using his BitcoinTalk account and other media if he really is Satoshi, why he would suddenly “stop having influence over the project” and appear as a “broke guy” later on with “no successful business interests, no Bitcoin tied to his address,” and more.

A couple of minutes into them arguing, the staff cues the music, and Wright is escorted off stage. People then walk up to Heart and shake his hand, calling him “hero” and “legend” for speaking out.

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