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Building Bonds Across Screens: 5 Cool Team-Building Activities for Remote Teams

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Updated by Shilpa Lama
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In the past decade, the traditional concept of work has dramatically shifted. An evolving digital landscape coupled with global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, has forced businesses to redefine the conventional workspace, leading to the rise of remote teams.

As an expert with two decades of experience in human resources and digital technology, I’ve While the rise of remote working is undeniable, so are the teething problems that come with it. One of the most prominent challenges is team-building in remote work settings.

Remote work often gets applauded for its flexibility, increased productivity, and the ability to draw talent globally. But it also has its unique set of challenges. The most notable among them is the difficulty of building a cohesive, collaborative team when screens and possibly thousands of miles separate members. The absence of face-to-face interactions, water cooler chats, and traditional team-building activities can often lead to disconnect and isolation.

That’s where the significance of team-building activities for remote teams comes into the picture. These activities are no longer a ‘nice to have’; they are necessary to foster unity and improve communication among team members.

Why is team-building in a remote work setting important?

  • Boosts morale and engagement: Remote work often makes employees feel isolated and disengaged. Regular team-building activities can help combat this by fostering a sense of camaraderie and inclusiveness.

  • Improves communication: Communication is the backbone of any team, and more so for remote teams. Team-building activities provide an informal platform for employees to interact, thus improving interpersonal relationships and overall communication.

  • Encourages collaboration: Team-building exercises often require collaboration and problem-solving. These activities help employees understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and working styles, thus promoting smoother collaboration.

  • Enhances productivity: Teams that understand and respect each other tend to work better together. This, in turn, boosts productivity and overall output.

  • Reduces employee turnover: Employees who feel a sense of belonging to a team are less likely to leave the organization. Team-building exercises can significantly reduce turnover rates by fostering this sense of unity.

Now that we know why, let’s learn more about how.

Virtual Coffee Sessions and Lunch Breaks

Creating moments for informal conversation is key to fostering a close-knit remote team. That’s where virtual coffee sessions and lunch breaks come into play.

  • Promote regular catch-ups: Just as you’d chat over coffee or lunch in the office, invite team members to have virtual coffee sessions or lunch breaks. This simple act can recreate the informal, personal connections that often happen organically in an office setting.

  • Break the ice: Consider incorporating fun icebreaker activities during these sessions. For example, ask everyone to share something interesting they’ve recently learned or a hobby they enjoy outside of work.

  • Theme-based discussions: To keep these sessions engaging, you can introduce themes for each meeting, like “The Book That Changed My Life” or “My Favorite Movie and Why”.

Surprise “Meeting about Nothing”

Who says meetings have to be strictly business? Here’s how a “Meeting About Nothing” can turn into something beautiful for your remote team:

  • Scheduled spontaneity: Arrange a surprise “Meeting about Nothing” – an unannounced, agenda-less gathering where teammates can chat about non-work related topics. It’s an exciting and spontaneous way to foster informal bonding.

  • Encourage personal sharing: These meetings can allow employees to share their life stories, experiences, or thoughts. This personal sharing strengthens the team’s unity and mutual understanding.

Embracing Fun and Games

We all have an indeed child that wants to come out and play. Here’s how:

Online Games to Boost Team Morale

Online multiplayer games are a brilliant way to engage team members and promote healthy competition. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Among us: A game of teamwork and betrayal where players work as a team to complete tasks, but there are impostors among them trying to disrupt the workflow. This game promotes communication and strategic thinking.

  • Minecraft: This sandbox video game encourages creativity and collaboration when working towards a common goal, such as building a virtual office or a dream city.

  • A fun and interactive game where team members guess what another member is drawing. It encourages teamwork and creates a light-hearted environment.

Exploring Cultures with Virtual Geo Guesser Game

Diversity and cultural appreciation can significantly enhance team dynamics in a remote setup. The GeoGuesser game offers an innovative way to explore this:

  • GeoGuesser: An online game that virtually “drops” players in random locations worldwide. They must guess their location using only the visuals around them. This game can lead to engaging discussions about different cultures, landscapes, and architecture.

To add a layer of learning, consider incorporating a post-game discussion where team members share unique facts about the locations they landed in. This discussion could create a platform for team members from diverse cultures to share more about their traditions, fostering better cultural understanding.

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Fostering partnership with taboo

Traditional board games like Taboo can also transition seamlessly into the virtual world. Here’s how you can use Taboo to promote teamwork:

  • Virtual Taboo: Just like the original game, the goal of Virtual Taboo is to get your teammates to guess the word on your card without using taboo words. This game promotes active listening, clear communication, and fast thinking.

Encouraging physical well-being

Sitting in front of a laptop for the most significant part of your day is not really the best thing for your physical well-being. Remote work has its perks, but it does come with its downsides. Here are some creative ways to enable and empower people to live healthier lives.

Daily gym photo contest

The key to successful remote team-building activities is engagement and participation. Promoting a Daily Gym Photo Contest is not an opportunity to flex muscles but more of an encouragement for team members to be active.

  • Activity description: Team members can be encouraged to share a daily photo from their workout session. It could be a quick selfie at the home gym, a snapshot of the yoga mat, or a picture of the treadmill screen.

  • Benefits: This initiative promotes regular exercise and offers a unique way for employees to share a slice of their daily routines, fostering closer connections.

  • Implementation tips: Ensure to create a safe and positive space for sharing, emphasizing that the focus is on participation, not performance. Celebrate diverse workout routines to cater to varying fitness levels and interests.

Virtual running challenges

A virtual running challenge can significantly boost team morale and physical well-being in the spirit of friendly competition.

  • Activity description: Organize a virtual running challenge over a month where team members track their miles run or cycle. The objective is not to ‘win’ but to ‘participate’ and encourage consistent physical activity.

  • Benefits: This competition encourages regular cardio exercise, which has numerous health benefits. It also allows team members to rally together and support each other’s fitness goals.

  • Implementation tips: Use fitness tracking apps to log distances covered, and consider offering badges or rewards for personal milestones to keep motivation high.
  • Step Tracker Screenshots for Healthy Competition

Fostering creativity and humor

Humour is a universal language. It’s the antidote to stress, overworking and negativity, and it can play a massive role in bringing people in remote settings together. Here’s how.

Hosting GIF battles and meme contests

GIF battles and meme contests are not just frivolous distractions. They can serve as powerful team-building exercises. Here’s how:

Finding or creating the perfect GIF or meme that resonates with the rest of the team demands high creativity. It allows team members to exercise their creative muscles, which can subsequently translate to their everyday tasks.

A healthy dose of humour can work wonders for team morale. Laughter helps diffuse tension, alleviate stress, and foster an environment of positivity, which can significantly improve productivity.

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These contests provide a platform for team members to interact and engage with one another outside the context of work. They get to appreciate each other’s humour and creativity, strengthening the bonds within the team.

Using or Google Images

To make these battles more interesting, consider implementing theme rounds using platforms like or Google Images.

  • Themed GIF/meme contests: Set a theme for each round, whether it’s the funniest customer service experience, the most relatable work-from-home situation, or the best depiction of a Monday morning. These themes make the contest more structured and the results more entertaining.

  • Explore different platforms: Encourage your team to use resources like or Google Images to find the perfect GIF or meme. These platforms host an extensive library of options, making the hunt part of the fun.

Nurturing mindfulness and growth

The pathway to a more bonded remote team can also be paved with activities that promote mental wellness and continuous learning. Here are some suggestions:

  • Guided meditation sessions: Taking a cue from the increasing popularity of mindfulness in the modern workspace, why not introduce guided meditation sessions for your team? These sessions, often led by an expert, can provide your employees with techniques to handle stress, increase focus, and achieve a better work-life balance. They not only bring the team together but also encourage personal development.

  • Yoga classes for stress relief: Stress is an unfortunate yet common byproduct of work, especially in a remote environment where lines between personal and professional lives often blur. Virtual yoga classes can be a fun and interactive way to combat stress. By partnering with a professional yoga instructor who offers video conferencing classes, you can give your employees a chance to unwind.

  • Online concerts and masterclasses: Organizing online masterclasses related to your industry or even topics like public speaking, leadership, or digital marketing can be an engaging way to cultivate this culture. Alternatively, consider organizing online concerts or art classes to stimulate creativity, providing a pleasant break from work. These experiences foster skill development and offer a unique shared experience that can bring your team closer together.

In conclusion, team-building activities are not just for fun; they are vital to the remote work puzzle. The power of team-building in remote settings cannot be overstated. It not only promotes better communication and understanding, but it also helps to build a sense of belonging and unity. These bonds, formed across screens, often translate into higher productivity, improved collaboration, and a more robust and harmonious work environment.

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