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Conscious Trading With the 1ex Trading Board: How One Company Managed to Solve Traders’ Main Problem

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Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most profitable ways to earn money with digital assets, but it is also one of the most psychologically challenging.

Without a deep understanding of the market, a conscious trading strategy, and proper risk management, traders are simply doomed to face liquidation and deposit losses. In August of this year alone, liquidations on exchanges exceeded $1 billion, and on October 10, the largest ETH liquidation occurred, with traders losing over $32 million.

All these problems could have been avoided if market participants had more accurate data on price movements and tools that could precisely determine coin value levels. 1ex Trading Board has already launched a tool that can completely change the perception of trading, making it safer and more efficient. Read below about how this company is revolutionizing the trading market.

Don’t Just Focus on Avoiding Losses; Aim to Earn

In the professional trading community, a prevailing belief asserts that one cannot learn to trade effectively without experiencing significant financial losses. Traders often associate losses with inexperience, impulsiveness, fear of loss, and FOMO (fear of missing out). Consequently, they recommend learning from their own mistakes as a crucial step towards recovering lost funds in the future.

We strongly disagree with this approach. Individuals should not have to lose deposits due to ignorance or a lack of understanding of the market, their emotions, or erroneous advice. We are pioneering a new form of market-human relationships, where traders are no longer obligated to sacrifice money and health to learn how to earn through trading.

Our tools aim to enhance trading efficiency, promote consciousness, and, consequently, improve overall effectiveness,” explains Dmitriy Litvinov, co-founder and CEO of the company.

Until today, traders relied solely on historical, or ‘dead,’ market data: candlestick charts, price cyclicality, and other traditional indicators depicted events that happened in the past with the asset. However, the market is not static; on the contrary, it is constantly evolving and changing.

Therefore, historical data holds little value in the present moment, and past success does not guarantee future profits. The 1ex Trading Board team has based its approach on different indicators that reflect the current movement and energy of the market, enabling a more accurate prediction of price movements in the short or medium term.

“We study the behavior of limit orders in order books. This serves as a more accurate indicator of the market’s mood and desire. Without relying solely on candlestick charts, we can understand and determine the prices of significant support and resistance levels, thereby avoiding subjectivity. All of this enables a more precise entry into a position,” explains Dmitriy Litvinov.

In response to the market’s demand for quality analytics, the AI News service was created. It can analyze the market using various indicators, including limit orders, news background, asset correlation, trader activity, etc. For instance, the creators were able to identify the movement of the SOL token before its rapid growth, thanks to the AI News service. Consequently, they could profit from the asset without experiencing unnecessary stress and losses.

‘’Most existing services for professional trading are built around the market. They concentrate on studying historical data, employing various probability theories, Martingale strategies, and others. In contrast, we are constructing an ecosystem around the individual, emphasizing the trader’s skills, knowledge, and profit at the center,” explains Dmitriy.

When developing services for traders, the team considered human psychology, fears, hopes, and behavior, ultimately creating a fundamentally new service for effective trading.

“You are aware that most deposit losses occurred due to the reactions of the traders themselves, who simply succumbed to emotions—fear or greed—and consequently lost money. Our services take this experience into account and adapt to the trader’s character to prevent them from making spontaneous actions,” Dmitriy Litvinov shares.

At present, traders can participate in testing the service, receive a complimentary three-month subscription to all 1ex Trading Board tools, and have the opportunity to share the prize pool. More details can be found at the link.

Minimize Risks, Maximize Profits

In addition to the analytical platform, 1ex Trading Board introduces other essential tools, not only for traders but also for investors. One such tool is Gem Finder.

“Today, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of undervalued assets in the market, and these represent your future profits. Knowing which coins to buy today is crucial for earning from them in the future. Our service allows for analysis of hundreds of coins to identify overvalued ones to sell or undervalued ones to buy,” explains Dmitriy Litvinov.

For these purposes, artificial intelligence analyzes traders’ behavior, investor movements, and the company’s activity while assessing the information background. As a result of in-depth analysis, you receive recommendations on which assets to pay attention to right now and include in your portfolio.

But the trade assistant can be called the most unique tool, which is a self-learning neural network that closely monitors a trader’s activity, memorizing their actions and reactions to various market situations.

“The neural network forms a specific dataset consisting of parameters based on which the trader acted in the past and the results they obtained. For instance, if a trader opened numerous trades, and most of them were successful, the neural network fully reads and memorizes the conditions under which these trades were successful.

Conversely, if the trader was losing deposits, the neural network remembers these actions as mistakes. Consequently, an avatar of the trader’s behavior is formed,” explains Dmitriy Litvinov.

Next, the neural network can independently replicate a trader’s actions if market conditions are similar to previous ones or, conversely, block a trader’s activity if the user’s actions significantly differ.

“It sometimes happens that a trader goes into a frenzy and makes impulsive actions—excessively risks, constantly increases leverage, even when market conditions are not suitable at all. In such cases, the neural network can warn about risks or even block the activity to prevent losses. This represents a new level of risk management,” shares the company’s CEO.

The creators of these unique services explain that they decided to take a broader look at the market, change approaches to trading tools, and reduce user risks.

“Risk management, Gem Finder, analytical service – all these are tools of a unified ecosystem, 1ex Trading Board, which acts as a kind of co-pilot for each trader, helping them better understand the market, viewing it as a living organism with its laws, conditions, and factors. Only in this way can performance be improved and risks reduced. We are confident that our concept and developments can truly change approaches to trading,” says Dmitriy Litvinov.

For more information about the products, visit the website

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