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About Wirex

Wirex is a worldwide digital payment platform and regulated institution that has been making significant advancements in the digital payments field since it was established. The company was established in 2014 by CEOs and co-founders Pavel Matveev and Dmitry Lazarichev.

They recognized the importance of simplifying the concept of cryptocurrencies and ensuring that digital money is available to all individuals. The company’s main office is located in London.

Vision and Mission

Wirex envisions a future where digital currencies are readily available and user-friendly for individuals, regardless of their knowledge about cryptocurrencies. The main goal of the company is to make it easy for digital assets to be smoothly incorporated into daily tasks. 

They aim to accomplish this by integrating the upcoming generation of payment infrastructure with cryptocurrency blockchains.

What Sets Wirex Apart

Several factors set Wirex apart from its competitors:

Real-Life Crypto Usage

Wirex is dedicated to breaking down barriers in the use of cryptocurrency. It empowers users to use their crypto in real life, allowing them to buy, store, exchange, and spend U.S. dollars and more than 55 cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere, using the Wirex app.

Next-Gen Features

Opening a Wirex account gives users instant access to top cryptocurrencies and unlocks next-gen features. These include crypto rewards for in-store and online spending, near-instant blockchain-powered crypto transactions, live, industry-best OTC rates for all crypto exchanges, and more.

Wirex Visa Card

Wirex offers a unique Visa card that allows users to switch to local currency at point-of-sale, enjoying optimal exchange rates without fees. This offers a great degree of financial convenience, allowing users to use US Dollars and other currencies easily.

Free cryptocurrency transfers

Wirex enables users to effortlessly send and receive cryptocurrency payments without any charges, regardless of their location across the globe.


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