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Live Coin Watch

Live Coin Watch

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Centralized, United States, 2017

About Live Coin Watch

Live Coin Watch, which was established in 2017 in the United States, provides current information and analysis for more than 27,000 coins obtained from over 600 exchanges. 

Live Coin Watch offers a comprehensive platform for monitoring cryptocurrencies, managing investment portfolios, and staying informed about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Vision and Mission

The objective of Live Coin Watch is to enhance the convenience and effectiveness of monitoring and overseeing cryptocurrency portfolios. Their goal is to create a platform where users can access trustworthy and up-to-date data.

What Sets Live Coin Watch Apart

Several factors set Live Coin Watch apart from its competitors:

Extensive Coverage

Live Coin Watch offers the latest data on the prices of cryptocurrencies, their market value, trading volumes, and liquidity. This feature enables users to monitor the market dynamics and make well-informed decisions. The platform features an extensive list of over 27,475 coins traded on 641 exchanges. 

Additional Tools

Apart from market tracking, Live Coin Watch also offers additional tools like a portfolio tracker, a voting system for coins, comparison tools, and widgets. These tools provide added value to users and enhance their experience on the platform.

Mobile Apps

Live Coin Watch offers mobile applications, allowing users to track the crypto market on the go. This ensures that users can stay updated with market movements anytime, anywhere.



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