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About CoinGecko

CoinGecko, founded in 2014 in Singapore, has rapidly gained recognition as a highly reputable global cryptocurrency information provider.

CoinGecko is a comprehensive platform that offers a complete overview of the cryptocurrency market. Their platform is a reliable resource for keeping track of prices and analyzing the digital currency market.

The platform is a top global source of cryptocurrency data. It offers detailed information on over 9900 digital currencies from over 750 exchanges. 

Vision and Mission

CoinGecko aims to make cryptocurrency data accessible to everyone, promoting transparency and empowering individuals to make well-informed decisions. The company aims to give its users useful information by offering trustworthy data on the cryptocurrency market.

What Sets CoinGecko Apart

CoinGecko distinguishes itself from competitors through its unique approach to cryptocurrency ranking. 

Comprehensive Data Coverage

CoinGecko provides comprehensive data coverage by tracking over 9900 cryptocurrencies from more than 750 exchanges. This extensive coverage allows users to access a wide range of data points, including price, trading volume, market capitalization, and more.

Exchange Trust Score

CoinGecko introduced the Trust Score to combat fake exchange volume data. This score helps users identify reliable and trustworthy exchanges to trade on. It is calculated using a combination of factors such as liquidity, scale of operations, technical security, and regulatory compliance.

Developer and Community Indicators

CoinGecko provides unique data points such as developer activity and community growth. These indicators can help users assess the health and growth potential of a cryptocurrency project beyond just price and volume data.

Educational Resources

CoinGecko also sets itself apart by providing educational resources to users. These include a comprehensive glossary of cryptocurrency terms, guides, and a free-to-use cryptocurrency market data API.


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