CLEVER DeFi (CLVA): A Unique Platform That Offers Guaranteed Interest to Token Holders

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The mindset that saving money in the bank is the optimal way of achieving financial freedom has been proven wrong in recent times. Banks offer little interest rates and most times money saved in the bank depreciates over a period of time. Also, traditional stocks and ETFs that are seen as better investment opportunities offer less than 10% interest on investment yearly. CLEVER DeFi offers a unique solution to investors by creating a decentralized platform that guarantees fortnightly interest without the strict contract terms associated with conventional savings and investments..

What is CLEVER DeFi?

CLEVER is a decentralized platform that aims to create an innovative ecosystem that offers unique earning opportunities for everyone. CLEVER leverages blockchain technology to develop a system that achieves automated interest cycles for investors.

How Does CLEVER Work?

CLEVER DeFi is built on the Ethereum Network and offers a unique smart contract that deploys a Decentralized Distribution Mechanism (DDM). The DDM is programmed to run a routine cycle that pays interests to CLVA token holders fortnightly for 888 cycles.

Upon each new 14-day cycle the DDM (Decentralized Distribution Mechanism) is triggered calling the preset Cycle Schedule to automatically mint and award allocated amounts of CLVA to beneficiaries thereby increasing market capitalization and individual worth of CLVA.

This mechanism guarantees the value of the CLVA token and is responsible for distributing interest payments to investors that hold CLVA token. Since it is deployed directly on the Ethereum blockchain, the DDM cannot be modified or changed after its launch.

This means that all token holders will be paid interest every 14 days throughout the duration of the 888 cycles which would take about 34.15 years to be completed.

Compound Interest Earnings Opportunities

One of the core features of CLEVER DeFi is the opportunity to earn compound interests while holding CLVA tokens. According to the tokenomics of the project, CLVA holders that hold their tokens for a year will be able to reap up to 307% interest on their portfolio at the end of the year.

This is impressive when you compare with other yield farming protocols in the DeFi sector and places CLEVER DeFi among the top on the list. Also users that do not want to hold their CLEVER tokens for long periods of time can also make decent interests on their tokens.

CLEVER DeFi estimates that within a ten year period the average annual interest yield for token holders will be 80%. This is far beyond other financial assets including top assets like ETFs and Bitcoin which yielded less than 15% within a 10 year period. Thus investors are able to reap better returns holding CLVA tokens when compared to other conventional financial assets.

Impressive Tokenomics

CLEVER DeFi has well-defined tokenomics that does not promise unrealistic returns for holding its native token CLVA. This is important because the DeFi sector is rife with projects that have shoddy tokenomics which hampers the long-term growth of these projects.

CLEVER Decentralized Dynamic Mechanism (DDM) is programmed to produce a total of 1trillion CLVA tokens over the 888 cycles. In addition, the rewards issued by the CLEVER smart contract reduces every cycle and is designed to mitigate against inflation.

CLEVER DeFi also implements a zero supply rule, and the development team owns zero CLVA tokens. This is a good measure as there have been cases within the DeFi sector whereby founders pre-mint tokens and dump them after launch leading to a crash in price.

Instead of pre-minting tokens, the CLEVER DeFi team will receive 0.1% of CLVA tokens minted per cycle. This reward would be used for developmental purposes and represents a fraction of the tokens minted per cycle.

Truly Decentralized

CLEVER DeFi offers complete decentralized services where users are in complete control of their funds. There are no obligatory contract terms and users are not required to enter a staking period before earning interests. This ensures that there is the freedom to move CLVA tokens without penalties and lock-in restrictions.

CLEVER Defi hits the nail on the head with its DeFi services. There are no unrealistic promises and bogus tokenomics. The DeFi platform has done well to integrate a system that offers interests based on routine cycles. Therefore CLEVER DeFi is a novel way to hold tokens and earn guaranteed returns.


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