Chinese Crypto Purchases Signal Asian Corporate Attention

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7 March 2021, 19:57 GMT+0000
Updated by James Hydzik
8 March 2021, 16:49 GMT+0000
In Brief
  • Chinese tech company Meitu announced on Mar. 7 that it had purchased BTC and ETH.
  • The BTC and ETH purchases were made from corporate reserves.
  • The company made the purchases as part of its new investment strategy.
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The Chinese technology company Meitu purchased millions of dollars of BTC and ETH from its corporate reserves.

The Chinese company Meitu announced on Mar. 7 the purchase of 15,000 ETH and more than 379 BTC. The purchase, on Mar. 5, is part of an investment plan using cash reserves. Meitu’s business focus is in image and video processing as well as social media.

In the announcement, the company states that its Board sees blockchain as being in a state “analogous to the mobile internet industry circa 2005.” Moreover, Meitu sees its purchases in differing lights.

Moving into Blockchain

Meitu sees the Ethereum chain as a natural place for its own exploration into blockchain. The company might use it for Gas or for investing into blockchain-based projects that take ETH.

Bitcoin as an Asset

Meitu made the Bitcoin purchase primarily for asset diversification. First and foremost, Meitu sees Bitcoin as a superior store of value. The company’s analysis compared BTC to gold, precious stones and real estate.

Asian Attention

Observers quickly noticed the fact that a Chinese corporation made the purchase. 

The focus on U.S. companies buying crypto from corporate reserves is not a surprise. As just one example, Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, has stayed in the spotlight since the company’s initial purchase of BTC in August 2020.

How-to Books

MicroStrategy literally wrote the book on corporate reserves purchases of Bitcoin, at least for the American market. On Feb. 5-6, the company held a remote conference in which it explained the legal and accounting measures required for American corporations to follow in the process. The company also made available for free a download of its internal playbook used when making such purchases.

Increasing Competition

The Meitu purchase is an example of how widespread this cryptocurrency bull run has become. Asian corporate purchasers are now emulating their American counterparts. 

Closer to the U.S., though, investment companies face pressure of a different kind. Canadian investment firms are ahead with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The Purpose Bitcoin Fund, which is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is the first Bitcoin ETF in North America. 

Not to be outdone by the Bitcoin crowd, the world’s first Ethereum ETF has been given preliminary approval for trading on the Toronto exchange as well.

Given the growing competition for increasingly scarce BTC at hand, MicroStrategy might need to write the book on how to find it in the first place.


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