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Chess Metaverse: A Hyper-Realistic Boardgame in a Virtual World

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Updated by Nicole Buckler
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Chess fan? Then this metaverse will pretty much blow your brain. If this virtual world succeeds, it will be the metaverse we all dreamed of.

A London-based Extended Reality (XR) development studio is on the cusp of releasing a life-like tabletop metaverse. If you are a chess nerd, this is your metaverse. And it is free, which is everyone’s favourite price.

In development for over a year, canVERSE say they have used cutting-edge rendering technology to produce a hyper-realistic tabletop gaming experience.

Charlie Hasdell is the CPO of canVERSE. “We set out to create not only the greatest-looking version of chess but also the first piece in our roadmap to the Metaverse.”

The first offering is Chess. The “Early Access” Beta is available to wishlist on Steam.

On canVERSE’s Community Discord server, they are asking their community to help sculpt their developmental roadmap. So now is the time to get involved if you love games like chess, backgammon and mah-jongg.

Barn Cleave is the CEO of canVERSE. “We’re delighted to be developing Metaverse content, that’s interoperable, open and built with the community.”

canVERSE says they hope that their “hyper-realistic tabletop gaming space will not only entertain on numerous platforms, but will be the beginning of larger discussions around how the gaming landscape is moving closer to the decentralized nature of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.”

Chess and Other Games

In the canVERSE metaverse, up to 64 players are seamlessly connected for tournaments. This can be accessed via desktop, AR & VR. Players can also voice-chat in real time.

While the games look realistic, the company say that their aim is connection. “Whilst at heart canVERSE aims to host really good-looking table-top games, its true purpose is to connect friends and communities globally in an immersive, totally interoperable shared environment.”

Other boardgames are coming, after chess. The company say they have focused on games that have been a fundamental pastime and have continued being popular for generations.

Their first offering, chess, is an “ancient and unchanging game. It transcends language and locale and has become almost culturally ubiquitous. With chess we found the perfect starting block for canVERSE and utilizing bleeding edge technology… we are able to deliver an almost- lifelike game.”

Chess fan? Then this metaverse will pretty much blow your brain. If this virtual world succeeds, it is where we will all be when bored.

NFT Ownership

Developers working on the canVERSE Metaverse have designed and generated 10,000 unique NFT Chess Sets. “NFT Chess Set owners will be rewarded with future NFTs and in-game content as canVERSE grows.”

The NFT chess sets can be classically styled, ornate timeless pieces. Or you can go hardcore high tech and have sleek hyper-modern pieces.

Your own chess set will be unique to you, and unlike any other chess players’ sets. But also, when you buy the chess set NFTs, you can unlock an environment and board.

Chess Board: Minting the NFT

Players can mint all NFTs on the site. Any other site offering the NFTs will be scams. Once you own the NFT, you can hold community roles, and get pre-sale access for future NFTs, among other benefits.


Another game the metaverse plans to offer is checkers. The game has been played for thousands of years. Pharaohs even loved it. It was first brought to PC in 1951. If only the pharaohs could see the metaverse version. They would never want to go back to their pyramid life.

Chess fan? Then this metaverse will pretty much blow your brain. If this virtual world succeeds, it will be the metaverse we all dreamed of.


This game is also on the way. This is one of the oldest board games still actively played. CanVERSE say that it is “a seemingly simple game to master, however, its mysteries are deep and complex with over 3 billion possible end game scenarios.”

Chess fan? Then this metaverse will pretty much blow your brain. If this virtual world succeeds, it will be the metaverse we all dreamed of.

Chess nerds? Your time in the sun has arrived.

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