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ChatGPT ENS Domain Name Sells for Over $10,000

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In Brief

  • A ChatGPT ENS domain name has sold for about $10,000 on OpenSea.
  • Users in the crypto space seem to be banking on the popularity of ChatGPT.
  • However, interest in ENS domain names is not as high as it once was.
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A ChatGPT ENS domain name has sold for 6 WETH, or about $10,000, on OpenSea. AI-related assets in the crypto space seem to be benefiting from the interest in ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has been dominating news headlines as its groundbreaking technology finds application in various ways. The AI service has been creating a buzz in the crypto world, as the ChatGPT ENS domain name has sold for about $10,000.

The ENS domain name for ChatGPT was sold for 6 WETH (just under $10,000). The asset is owned by ishmilly, who owns several other notable NFTs, including a few Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs and other ENS domain names.

The domain name was previously owned by LongDuck, who also holds several other ENS domain names. It appears that individuals in the crypto space are cashing in on the ChatGPT mania, which continues to take the world by storm.

The interest in AI has skyrocketed since ChatGPT’s current version became popular. Tokens like SingularityNET have also seen a huge increase in value as the AI mania spills over into the crypto market.

Microsoft Reveals ChatGPT Integration With Bing and Edge

The mania may continue as ChatGPT continues to integrate into existing personal and professional services. Microsoft, which is making a $10 billion bet on the AI app, also announced that its Bing search engine and the Edge browser would feature ChatGPT integration.

The tech firm held an event explaining how the AI service would revolutionize its line of products. The features will use an upgraded version of ChatGPT called GPT 3.5.

Google is well aware that Microsoft is onto something and has announced its own equivalent called Bard. More details on this product will arrive in the weeks to come.

Interest in ENS Domain Names Is Low

While ChatGPT-related ENS domain names appear to be popular, the total interest in these domain names is low. Data from Dune shows that new registrations and addresses are at a low, dropping over the past few months. There are currently about 2.7 million total active ENS names.

ENS Monthly Registrations low, despite ChatGPT interest: Dune
ENS Monthly Registrations: Dune

Ethereum Name Service recently partnered with Coinbase to bring human-readable domain names to the platform. This may help with the flagging growth in ENS domain names.


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