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Chancer Platform Releases Product Teaser as Presale Rockets Past $1.7m

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Chancer has released their first product update, aligning with the exciting vision laid out in their whitepaper.

This accompanies the rapid trajectory of the presale raise, which accumulated over $1.7M – with the few remaining tokens at this stage priced at $0.011.

The update covers crucial progress on betting mechanics, user profiles, leaderboards, and how social sharing will work in the app.

Chancer’s Head of Product, Paul Kelbie, stated

“I am delighted to see the progress made by the development and UX teams here. This is a complex build with a range of exciting features. With this foundational work complete we can begin work on the second phase of the product development in advance of our beta. Suffice to say the team are hugely excited and the community is buzzing! Can’t wait to crack on!”

Chancer has raised over $1.7m, with only $300k remaining in Stage 2 before the price will increase by 9% per token. Users can buy Chancer here.

Chancer’s unique betting mechanics provide the foundation for its success

Chancer’s betting mechanics cover two approaches to betting:

  1. Conventional’ betting, e.g. betting on the outcome of an NBA game or known global event like an election.
  2. Social betting also known as P2P betting is a friendly competition between two tennis players or a weight lifting contest at the local gym. 

The latter has been one of Chancer’s most talked about USPs as it lets people bet each other on anything verifiable, opening up enormous possibilities for everyday scenarios.

Initial development focused on private bets (ringfenced to the bettor and whoever is added) versus public betting that can be livestreamed and is next in line for the development team. 

The product team will also deliver data validation with nodes that will let people bet on global events like the NBA game mentioned above so that betting outcomes are clear and actionable in terms of payouts.

To support a multitude of use cases from social betting to globally-broadcasted bets – the Leaderboard UI is also well underway. This will allow bettors to broadcast their winnings within their social groups as well as gain a reputation with a global community of Chancers.

In support of the Leaderboard feature, the UI team has also completed work on user profiles through which bettors will engage with private and public contests.

The Social Sharing feature, powered by Google’s WebRTC technology allows Chancers to broadcast bets and create viral trends. Anyone can get involved, as long as they meet the minimum liquidity required to match their odds. 

In celebration of the first UI and UX milestones the team is showcasing their progress on the website product page and has announced a series of imminent updates including AMAs with the community throughout September. More details will be shared on the company socials.

Stage 2 nears sell out as investors buy into ‘the future of betting

Chancer is climbing the ranks on a number of 3rd party best crypto lists. Namely the release of the first product updates and the hype around Chancer driving not only substantial interest in the crypto community.

With Stage 2 set to complete imminently, each token is currently priced at $0.011, which will rise to $0.021 by the end of the presale, so users getting in at the earlier tranche will get almost twice the amount of tokens against their project funding.

With a well-planned path towards success, the momentum of Chancer is growing. The comprehensive roadmap and the potential to become a real disruptor to the gambling industry solidify the long-term potential of the platform.

About Chancer

Chancer is set to develop the world’s first decentralized social betting platform. This will allow Chancer token holders to create, and participate in their very own bets based on their interests, expertise and social opportunities.

The project intends to disrupt the global gambling and betting market by ‘removing the house’ and taking a slice of the market share as it garners attention by challenging the traditional bookmaking and betting business model.For more information: Website | Whitepaper | Socials

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