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The cryptocurrency market is actively growing, presenting the world with new opportunities in various fields of activity, as well as significantly expanding the scope of its application.

More and more people are using digital assets. It means that the price of cryptocurrencies will grow in the future. Blockchain technology continues to evolve, and with it, new blockchain products appear. Such products have become NFTs – Non-fungible tokens.

NFT allows people to create digital works and earn money on the resale of NFT because with each resale the author receives royalties.

NFT is also actively used in the gaming sphere, allowing gamers to earn real money by playing their favorite game, collecting game assets in the form of NFT, and selling them for real money.

Games already have large user communities, and the ability to earn money makes games not only interesting and exciting but also profitable.

This game was created by, providing our users not only an interesting but also a very profitable product.

POWER is the in-game currency of the platform, which brings profit to all participants. Earnings depend on their chosen strategy and are not limited by anything.

The game economy of allows players to develop their own earning strategy in order to overtake other participants and achieve the best results. To increase the profit of players, various incentive measures are provided.

For those who want to increase their income, there is a VIP account. It gives players premium status, accelerates their achievements in the game, and allows users to increase the capacity of their factories in the shortest possible time. The price of the VIP account depends on the total capacity of the plant.

A lottery was developed to increase income. For each of their actions, players receive additional points, which are used in the lottery. Once every 6 hours, 1 winner is selected, who receives 90% of the lottery winnings. The more points a player has, the higher the chances of winning. uses the Binance Smart Chain blockchain to ensure maximum transparency of the game and increase user confidence in the economy of the gameplay.

The presence of a blockchain allows providing full transparency in the organization of the lottery and the publication of its results on the game’s website.

For those who want to earn more by promoting the benefits of the game around the world, there is a multi-level referral system. This allows users to get 5% – 2.5% – 0.5%.

For us, safety is of paramount importance. The platform of the game is absolutely safe and has passed all checks and audits.

The main project is BNB has been audited by hazesecurity and got 5 stars and has been audited by CertiK. has created a game not only interesting and exciting but also profitable and honest, where everyone can earn depending on the chosen strategy of the game, being sure that everything on the platform is honest and transparent and no one will cheat the user.

Join to earn money by playing and enjoying the gameplay on the Telegram chat.

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