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Buenos Aires to Allow Citizens to Pay Taxes in Crypto

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In Brief

  • Argentina considering switching all operations to distributed-ledger technology.
  • The head of the Buenos Aires government unveiled a plan to make the transition.
  • The twelve-point plan will offer digital identities to citizens and the digitization of work permits.
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Citizens of Buenos Aires will soon be able to pay their taxes with cryptocurrencies as the city looks to streamline its operations with blockchain tech.

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, head of the Buenos Aires government, has unveiled “Buenos Aires+”, an encompassing plan that seeks to revolutionize the city’s operation.

Larreta stated that the main aim of the plan was to modernize and strengthen the links between citizens and the city’s private sector. 

“Enough of wasting time, we must give back to the people, to the private sector so they can use it to work, to undertake, to develop, to generate work,” said Larreta. He added in order to achieve the task, there will be 12 steps to help the city take advantage of the available technology.

The first step in the plan will be to provide digital identities for millions of residents. The ambitious move will contain up to 14 documents including vaccination certificates, test results, birth certificates, and educational documents.

Other steps that the city plans to take include digitizing the public health system and the automation of work permits. The introduction of new complaints channels and digital islands in communes are geared towards modernizing Buenos Aires’ bureaucracy.

Blockchain technology at the center

To achieve the plans, Buenos Aires will turn to blockchain technology to secure the processes. Larreta revealed that “all this flow of information, which is going to increase exponentially, is going to be protected by blockchain technology, the second transformation.”

“We are going to be pioneers in the use of this technology so that the users themselves control their data,” he added. Larreta claimed that one part of the 12-point agenda was for the city to accept taxes in cryptocurrency from citizens by working with leading companies.

“This does not mean that the city is going to have cryptocurrencies in its public accounts,” he clarified. He added that the city would reach an agreement with the crypto firm to add more payment options.

Around the world, governments are easing up to the idea of building infrastructure around blockchain technology. Colorado and other states in the US are close to passing legislation that would allow citizens to pay taxes with cryptocurrencies. 

Cities like Portsmouth have already done so while El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin as legal tender stands as an example for governments around the world.


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