BlackPink Take Award for Best Metaverse Concert at the VMAs

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In Brief
  • BlackPink won the best Metaverse concert at the VMAs
  • Their competition was hot
  • Here are all their competitors and their Metaverse offerings
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BlackPink, the massive Korean Pop girl band, have taken out the award for the best metaverse performance at the VMAs… but who were they up against? Here are all the Metaverse concerts that were in the running.

Often written as BLɅϽKPIИK, the winner of the Best Metaverse Performance VMA is a South Korean girl group. They are the Korean Spice Girls, but better. Members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa burst onto the scene in 2016 and rose to become the most successful Korean girl group internationally. The girl group is now known as the “biggest girl group in the world.”

BLɅϽKPIИK are the first Korean girl group on America’s Billboard charts, and they are the first female Korean act to surpass one billion views with their single “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.” Even if you can’t stand pop music or Korean Pop (K-Pop), this song will catch you and not let you go. BlackPink are also the first band, to have five music videos hit one billion views on YouTube. They are also Spotify’s most-followed girl group.

BlackPink and the VMAs

Now, they are dominating the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). The awards are presented by the American cable channel MTV and are known as the “Super Bowl for youth.”

For Web3 enthusiasts, there is a new category for Metaverse performances.

MTV has come a long way since their first music clip, Video Killed the Radio Star On August 1, 1981. The TV station gloated that video would kill radio. Now, we watch as the Metaverse is lining up to kill MTV in a full circle moment.

This year, BlackPink won the Metaverse concert category. BlackPink were the first K-Pop female act to sing at the VMAs.

The trophy that the winners receive is an astronaut visiting the moon. This is a metal representation of one of the first video images displayed on MTV.

Here is the winning performance.

As the band accepted their space guy, they said, “We’re just very grateful to our fans so thank you so much for this award.” They also said it was their first time at the VMAs and were excited to see other artists perform.


BlackPink’s competition for the best performance in the Metaverse was incredibly hot.

BlackPink and their competition

They were up against Ariana Grande on the Fortnight platform.

They were also up against fellow K-Pop artists BTS on Minecraft.

Charlie XCX on Roblox was also in the running.

Justin Bieber on Wave was in the mix.

…And Twenty One Pilots on Roblox.

BlackPink’s Metaverse concert is not the only success story in virtual worlds. Fellow K-Pop boyband BTS drew an incredible 46 million people for a virtual event on Fortnight.

Travis Scott, the world-famous hip-hop artist, also held a concert in Fortnight which proved to be incredibly popular.

Even though the metaverse seems a long way away, if the VMAs is anything to go by, it is still a wildly popular idea, especially with Millennials and Gen Zedders.

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