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BITFLEX’s Prosperity to New Users: 888 Red Packet Sign Up Bonanza

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BITFLEX, is the fast growing cryptocurrency exchange and is delighted to be hosting and celebrating this Lunar Year with 888 Red Packet Sign Up Bonanza!

According to Rich Cultural Symbolism of Chinese heritage, number eight represents boundless wealth and prosperity. BITFLEX welcomes this fortunate energy and looks forward to distributing this abundance with BITFLEXERS who recently joined us. 

Participants will have a month to navigate into the world of cryptocurrencies by joining. This campaign will be offering its rewards between February 1st and February 29th, 2024. During this period, users are encouraged to take full advantage of this exciting Lunar Year Opportunity and win a Red Packet, which is filled with valuable Flex Points, Vouchers and USDTs summing to an amazing 88 USDT!

Adding to this limited time of excitement, only the first 888 users who fulfil the requirements will receive such unique Red Packets. This is a first-come-first-served opportunity for all the participants, however ten will be named ‘Grand Prize winners’ and will receive a total of 88 USDT! The winners are the ones who will have the highest trading volume! The remaining of the participants will receive a prize in the form of a Red Packet, comprising 18 USDT!

This campaign is designed to bring inclusivity around and aims to ensure accessibility and ease for a broad range of audience. Therefore, it is widened as an open invitation to all new traders, further encouraging an environment with participants from diverse experiences. If you want to engage in this campaign, it is quite simple. Users are required to register a BITFLEX account and complete at least one derivative trade to become eligible for the prizes. 

As BITFLEX’s Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Ee expressed, 

“We are delighted to present the BITFLEX’s 888 Red Packet Sign Up Bonanza in conjunction with the Lunar New Year, a campaign that represents the spirit of prosperity and growth.  

This campaign is more than just a celebration; it’s an invitation for new traders to join our BITFLEX community and experience the rewarding world of cryptocurrency. We believe in making the crypto landscape accessible to everyone, and the 888 Red Packet Sign Up Bonanza is a recognition of our vision. 

We wish you a prosperous Lunar New Year and a rewarding experience at BITFLEX!”

BITFLEX is happy to welcome all new crypto enthusiasts and give them an opportunity to participate in the 888 Red Packet Sign Up Bonanza.


BITFLEX is a notable presence in the cryptocurrency industry, introducing innovative solutions that contribute to reshaping the landscape with a commitment to user-centric platforms. The exchange caters to both novice traders and seasoned investors, offering the latest technology for swift and secure transactions on a global scale. 

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