Calvin Ayre has hinted at legal action following the addition of a Bitcoin emoji to Twitter. The prominent Bitcoin SV (BSV) proponent said lawsuits are coming, and it’s “not going to end well” for the company.

Social network giant Twitter has a new emoji. The platform’s users will now see an orange Bitcoin logo alongside any use of either the “Bitcoin” or “BTC” hashtag. Unfortunately, the symbol is not yet compatible with all Twitter plugins. As such, you won’t see it in the embedded tweets below.

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey promoted the new emoji on Monday. He included an apparent call to Unicode to consider including the logo in the emojis it offers. For those that don’t know, Unicode is a computing industry text encoding standard that makes digital representations of almost any character from any language possible.

Many in the cryptocurrency community have welcomed the new emoji. Lightning Labs CEO and co-founder Elizabeth Stark encouraged the suggestion to submit a proposal to Unicode. After acknowledging that previous proposals have already been rejected, she added that it might be time to submit another:

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Even Tron founder Justin Sun tried out the new symbol in a tweet that lacked any of the usual self-promotion we’ve come to expect from him. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency exchange Binance attempted to get the new emoji trending on the social media platform:

Not everyone is so receptive to the new emoji, though. Bitcoin SV proponent and online gambling magnate Calvin Ayre apparently perceives it as some sort of brand infringement.

The billionaire made an ominous threat to Dorsey in response to the Twitter CEO’s original tweet. Stating that “BTC is not Bitcoin,” he comments that lawsuits “related to this issue” are coming this year:

Whilst remaining suitably cryptic about what might be coming in terms of legal action, it’s clear that the Bitcoin emoji has ruffled Ayre’s feathers. Bitcoin SV proponents had previously used the combination of #Bitcoin and #BSV hashtags to promote the controversial cryptocurrency.

Presumably, their message is set to become considerably less effective now a bright orange Bitcoin logo appears next to it. Others were quick to highlight the potential damage the new emoji will do to the Bitcoin SV marketing machine:

Bitcoin SV has recently completed a new hard fork, as BeInCrypto has previously reported.