‘Rhett Cryptography’ on Twitter, who boasts some 24,000 followers, has just been awarded the Dumbest Crypto Tweet Award. The creator of Zclassic claims that Bitcoin can go to zero if someone ‘halts block production’ and engages in quantum computer attacks.

There’s a lot of stupidity floating around crypto-twitter, but still, some comments make you do a double-take. A tweet by Rhett Cryptography (@HeyRhett) takes the cake recently for one of the most ridiculous takes in a while. In fact, his Tweet was recently featured on the Dumbest Crypto Tweet Award (@DumbestTweetHub) feed.

The situation Rhett spells out is as follows: Bitcoin can go to zero if someone, somehow, manages to halt block production. This can also happen through quantum computing attacks 20 years down the line. If such a scenario does happen to Bitcoin, the money from the leading cryptocurrency would flow to other chains, namely Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

It’s hard to even start to wrap your head around this Tweet. Let’s break it down why this is nonsensical on multiple levels.

  1. No one person can ‘halt block production,’ as Bitcoin is decentralized.
  2. Quantum computing attacks are, for now, fictional and too far in the future to speculate on.
  3. Bitcoin can’t, and won’t ever, go to zero unless all computing power suddenly disappears.
  4. Rhett seems to somehow believe that Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are therefore quantum resistant.

So, there you have it. How wrong could one tweet be? This may be a record, and even more hilarious is the fact that this user has some 24,000 followers. Let’s just hope he was kidding, otherwise, this is just embarrassing.

Overall, this tweet is definitely a contender for ‘Dumbest Crypto Tweet Award’ perhaps for the month, if not the entire summer.

What are the most ridiculous crypto-takes you’ve ever stumbled across? Enlighten us down in the comments below.

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