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Bitcoin BSC Crypto Project Launches Its Token Presale, Staking Pool

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Bitcoin BSC has today launched its $BTCBSC token presale, allowing investors to buy a low-fee Bitcoin alternative at just $0.99. The project is built on the Binance Smart Chain to facilitate scalable, secure, and eco-friendly transacting.

Furthermore, the project offers a Stake-to-Earn mechanism, giving holders passive rewards by simply staking their tokens. 

So far, the project has raised just over $4K at However, the presale will likely explode due to its robust use case and carefully designed tokenomics.

What is Bitcoin BSC

Bitcoin BSC is a Stake-to-Earn version of Bitcoin built upon the Binance Smart Chain network to enable low-cost and scalable transactions. 

It has the same total supply as Bitcoin and a presale price of just $0.99. As such, Bitcoin BSC provides a way for investors to buy a scalable Bitcoin at its infamous 2011 price.

Interestingly, another similar project we reviewed, BTC20, recently exploded 6x following its presale. However, Bitcoin BSC differs from BTC20 because BTC20 was built on the Ethereum chain.

It chose the Binance Smart Chain over Ethereum because it is more scalable, providing cheaper transactions while maintaining the same network security level.

Bitcoin BSC also offers several unique advantages compared to Bitcoin and other Bitcoin alternatives. With this in mind, the Bitcoin BSC presale looks to sell out in a flash. 

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Sustainable Tokenomics With Stake-to-Earn to Encourage Long-Term Holdings

As mentioned, Bitcoin BSC will feature the same 21 million total supply as Bitcoin. On top of that, Bitcoin BSC also utilizes Bitcoin’s scarcity model, aiming to drive up its price after the presale.

In total, 6.125 million tokens will be sold throughout the BTCBSC presale, equivalent to 29% of the total supply. Meanwhile, 14,455,000 tokens (69% of the total supply) are earmarked for staking rewards, set to release over a 120-year unlock schedule. 

Users looking to stake Bitcoin BSC can deposit their tokens at any time with a 7-day lock on withdrawals.

The annual percentage yield (APY) will depend on the amount of tokens in the staking pool. As the number increases, the APY will decrease. That said, an increasing amount of tokens in the staking pool would reduce the available supply, potentially bolstering the price.

Overall, Bitcoin BSC carefully engineered its tokenomics and staking mechanism to encourage long-term holding and participation in the project, which protects the token from some of the adverse effects new projects face.

Easily Transferable Token With Access to a Vast Ecosystem

Bitcoin BSC aims to solve several issues relating to Bitcoin and other Bitcoin alternatives. 

Firstly, Bitcoin features a relatively poor user experience since most newer cryptocurrency users are not accustomed to Bitcoin-native wallets. However, Bitcoin BSC is built on the Binance Smart Chain, so investors can easily buy and manage their holdings from an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Furthermore, the Binance Smart Chain’s scalable nature and vast ecosystem comprising over 600 dApps provide significant potential utility at a fraction of the cost of networks like Ethereum.

The Binance Smart Chain is also significantly faster than Ethereum, priming Bitcoin BSC for DeFi applications and short-term trading. 

Carefully Designed Roadmap to Ensure a Successful Launch 

The Bitcoin BSC roadmap has four stages, focused on long-term growth and creating a high-potential token launch.

The first stage is the presale start, where 29% of tokens will be sold ahead of the exchange launch for just $0.99 each. 

Following this, the staking feature will be implemented, providing a passive rewards stream to token holders, encouraging long-term holding, and reducing sell pressure. 

Stage 3 is the exchange launch, which will occur at the end of the presale. 2% of BTCBSC tokens have been allocated to exchange liquidity, enabling seamless buying and selling.

Finally, users can earn passive income via the Bitcoin BSC Stake-to-Earn feature. This aims to promote long-term growth, exemplified by its 120-year vesting schedule.

However, as we saw with the BTC20 presale, scalable and sustainable Bitcoin alternatives are in high demand and can provide significant upside potential.

Therefore, buyers must act fast, as the Bitcoin BSC presale will unlikely be around for long.

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