Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance has launched a new Bitcoin-themed ad campaign aimed at commuters in London.

On Aug 28 Binance’s British arm announced that new ads would be placed at seventeen bus stops throughout the city.

The ad imagery depicts the evolution of money from smaller fiat coins followed by a larger Bitcoin under taglines reading, “Money is evolving,” and “It’s time to adapt.”

Source: Binance.UK

In June, Binance announced its expansion into the United Kingdom and is set to offer up to sixty-five digital assets for trading. In an effort to drum up attention about its upcoming launch, the announcement was accompanied by a free giveaway that encouraged people to post selfies next to the ads in exchange for swag.

The campaign received a mostly positive reception, with calls for Binance to spread its message to other parts of the world.

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Others were less charitable:

Binance is far from the first-mover when it comes to this type of advertising in the U.K.

The controversial HEX token team previously plastered ads all over London’s buses, newspapers, and even sideline boards at Premier League football games.

There was also Zeux, a Chinese cryptocurrency startup that, earlier this year, exposed millions of tube commuters to ads featuring promises of 5% returns.

Ahead of its launch, Binance also announced that it was joining the U.K.’s self-regulatory crypto trade association, CryptoUK. As an executive member of the association, Binance will take its place among the likes of eToro and Coinbase.

The association is currently focused on responding to a consultation on “crypto-asset promotions” and contributing to another consultation on stablecoins.