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Bet in BTC With 1xBit’s Euromania 2020

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Founded in 2016, 1xBit is a cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook that has a plethora of games, events, and live sports to bet on. The most exciting addition to this long list is the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament. Starting on June 11, 2021 users can place bets on this event through a special in-house lottery called Euromania 2020.

Cryptocurrency holders are able to spend their digital assets in various ways. While the currently available options aren’t limitless, holders are able to buy goods and services almost as seamlessly as with fiat currency.

The onset of online gambling has seen a natural progression into the digital currency space and 1xBit is pioneering the option of using bitcoin (BTC) to bet.

1xBit, online gaming, and gambling

Gamers using 1xBit have a wide variety of options to choose from. From classic casino roulette, to live sports betting and much more.

There are also live tournaments that take place. These include roulette, blackjack, and even Monopoly. The platform provides these interactive gaming experiences in collaboration with Evolution Gaming and other providers.

For the sports betters, 1xBit’s sportsbook is available. Here, users can place bets on soccer and other sports events. These bets, however, cannot be changed mid-game.

1xBit and Euromania 2020

1xBit has set up a special lottery called Euromania 2020, where online bets can be placed on specific games within this upcoming soccer tournament.

Euromania 2020 is essentially a grand lottery with various prizes being awarded at certain stages of the tournament, along with one main grand prize at the end. The prize pool in total is worth over 3 BTC.

Users will need to register on the platform before getting started. The seamless process uses no KYC checks and users don’t have to give away any sensitive and personal information. Rather, a person will be given a username and password Instead, which is automatically generated and can be changed later on.

After registering, users will need to place a bet on a Euro 2020 event. Once the bet is made a ticket will be received.

Essentially the more bets placed and the more tickets a user holds, the better their chance is at winning the grand prize: 1 BTC.

After each stage of the tournament, there will be a prize draw. These stages include the group, eighth-final, quarterfinal, semifinal, and final match. The prizes here will be a draw of up to 100 micro bitcoins (mBTC).

This promotion will run until July 11, 2021. The final draw for the main prize will take place on July 13, 2021.


The total prize pool is worth over 3 BTC and the overall grand prize is 1 BTC.

A strong focus on security

1xBit is one of the first cryptocurrency casino platforms to exist. To remain a leader in this space, the platform has placed a major focus on security.

To date, the platform has never experienced a security breach or data hack. This can be attributed to the various measures in place that guarantee safety and security for users.

1xBit uses end-to-end SSL encryption that keeps user data safe. This is used in conjunction with Google Authenticator two-factor authentication for an added layer of security.

There is also a live chat feature for customers to access 24/7 should they have an issue. Here customers can get a response in a few minutes. Customer support is also easily accessible through email, which has a slower turn-around response time of up to 24 hours.

Seamlessly bet in BTC

If you’re looking to wager a few bets on the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament, then 1xBit is a good place to start. The platform has been around for a few years now and lives up to its trustworthy reputation.

1xBit offers people an exclusive yet accessible platform to bet on the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament. 1xBit in and of itself is an innovative development in the cryptocurrency space and the Euromania 2020 platform attests to this.

The platform’s user experience is seamless and intuitive to those familiar with online sports betting. 1xBit is a pioneer in its industry and has kept up to standard in terms of keeping user information and data safe.

Euromania 2020 is a great representation of innovation and excitement in the world of online sports betting.

For more information, visit 1xBit’s blog, Twitter, Telegram or download the Android or iOS apps here.

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