BeInCrypto CEO’s Annual Letter 2020

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Dear all,

2020 has been a year like no other: COVID-19 has drastically changed the global business environment, human psychology, and employment. Our economic landscape has been challenged at almost every level and a new world order is emerging.

During these unprecedented times, we’ve become heavily reliant on technology and the internet to keep in contact with family and friends, pay for items online and entertain ourselves when times get tough. But this technological shift is not short-term, it is something that is here to stay.

As cash turns into contactless payments, this digital shift is providing a feeding ground for hackers and scammers to infiltrate the traditional banking system. The lack of security on everyday computers has left the surface wide open to attack. No wonder more and more people are investing in crypto-assets as they provide a safe and secure means to protect and build funds.

Being an analyst by nature, I prefer to use numbers to sum up the results.

Oil prices dropped by more than 20 per cent this year, while bitcoin hit its all-time high, surging 240 per cent. Meanwhile, AirFrance stocks fell by 50 per cent, while ethereum appreciated by 430 per cent. The Russian ruble slumped by as much as 30 per cent against the euro, while NEM surged 720 per cent. The signs are there, the numbers speak for themselves.

And if we were to take a closer look at BeInCrypto, it has been a fantastic year with ups and downs, and ups again… with breakthroughs, exciting finds, sleepless nights, and exponential growth.

According to IMF estimates, around 600 million people worldwide have so far lost their jobs to the pandemic, while BeInCrypto grew from 30 people in January to 109 in December. And we are still hiring!

While our traffic remained static throughout most of the year (thank you Google, we love you too), we saw a positive slope in November and December. We also reached our breakeven point and are now turning a profit. We covered news in 10 languages, hired people from 20 countries, with 36 per cent of them are women. I must add that the crypto industry is usually dominated by men, but not in our case.

Despite the obvious challenges presented by the coronavirus, it has been a fantastic year for BeInCrypto. A year that took us out of our comfort zone, made us much stronger individually and as a team. And as we say goodbye to 2020 (please don’t come back), I’m sure 2021 will be better for all of us both personally and professionally.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Alena Afanaseva

CEO and co-founder of BeInCrypto

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