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AvatarArt Helps Turn Artwork into NFTs

2 mins
18 May 2021, 14:00 GMT+0000
Updated by Imogen Searra
1 June 2021, 19:44 GMT+0000

AvatarArt is a core product of ByteNext, which is a platform that supports artists in making their work become an NFT. It serves as a bridge to bring artworks closer to millions of art lovers worldwide.

AvatarArt vs the traditional auction market

Over the past two years, the pandemic has directly impacted the traditional auction market due to the limitations on geography, the number of participants, and transportation.

Traditional auctions are held offline with the participation of many people but because of the pandemic, they are postponed or canceled, which negatively impacts the market.

AvartarArt is regarded as a breakthrough solution with the aim of improving the auction process and promoting the strong development of this field. 

AvatarArt changes the whole thing

AvatarArt ecosystem includes many pillars which help solve issues related to traditional auctions and create momentum for the development of the global art market.

How AvatarArt works 

An artist will create an NFT for their artwork on AvatarArt. Next, the artwork is taken to and stored in the storage center, then verified by experts. Then, the artwork is simulated and displayed in the virtual reality space for auctions and purchase. After the auction ends, the winner will hold the NFT and the artwork stored in the center.

AvatarArt provides pillars as follows:

  • NFT Creation: the system is easy to use for artists to create an NFT of their artworks on AvatarArt.
  • System of DD expert: experts will conduct DD processes to evaluate artworks in order to ensure the artworks are of high quality and verify the NFT process for the artworks on AvatarArt.
  • System of storage centers: after the DD process ends, the artworks will be stored in the centers of AvatarArt.
  • Virtual reality exhibitions: artworks will be simulated and displayed in the virtual reality exhibitions so that many people can access and watch the artworks in the most visual and vivid manner.
  • NFT swap and auction exchange: verified NFT artworks will be auctioned publicly on the exchange and millions of art lovers worldwide can access them.

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