Robert Foster , Co-Founder of Amor Finance

Robert Forster co-founded Armor Finance in 2020 with the mission of making DeFi safer. He is the current CTO of Armor Finance. Robert majored in Business, and worked as a part time general web developer during the early days of blockchain. In 2016 he began coding Solidity, and shifted into blockchain full-time in 2017. He worked as lead Solidity developer for Minerva in 2017, then made a move to Coinvest (now Coindefi) in 2017/2018. During some of this time he worked on personal projects such as CryptoCuddles and EtherEstates. He founded Blockd in 2019 as a new layer of security for Ethereum to fight the growing scams and hacks that started inundating the sector.pod.

Latest articles by Robert Foster , Co-Founder of Amor Finance

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