Due to the disruption of demand and supply chains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple will delay the production of new iPhone models.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many companies have had to change their business strategies for the year. Even giant corporations like Apple are needing to rethink their approaches during these unprecedented times.

New Apple iPhone Models Likely Delayed

A report published by the Wall Street Journal claims that Apple will have to push the mass production of its new iPhones by at least a month. Typically, the company starts mass production of its products in August in order to begin shipping in September.

At this point, however, it plans to delay production by one month as well as reducing the normal supply by 20%.

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The report also notes that some of these new iPhone models will have 5G connectivity and will come in 3 different sizes. There will be two different 6,1-inch models, as well as one 5.4 inch iPhone and a larger 6.7-inch device.

While Apple seems to believe that the demand might see disruptions, the anticipation of new products seemed higher than ever. Investor anticipation also reached record levels — albeit just before the COVID-19 outbreak really took off.

The fact that 5G connectivity is a center of a huge controversy likely does not help the matter. Especially since Apple needs its first 5G iPhone to be a hit.

No Official Confirmations Yet

It is worth noting that Apple itself declined to comment on these reports. This means that there is no guarantee that the actual announcement of the new iPhones will see any delays. In other words, the company might still announce the new models in September, even though it might not start shipping until a later date.

Considering the fact that its competitors like Samsung, OnePlus, and LG are already selling 5G devices, Apple truly needs these new models to impress.