Announcing Mining Disrupt Conference 2022

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The Bitcoin mining landscape has changed considerably since the early days. For example, the 19th million bitcoin was recently mined, a development with great implications for the future of the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Then there’s the “Change The Code” campaign, a movement backed by Ripple, hoping to switch Bitcoin from proof-of-work consensus to proof-of-stake. Increasing regulatory pressure is also cause for concern(China banned Bitcoin mining late last year).

More than ever, the Bitcoin mining community needs to meet and discuss current challenges as well as future opportunities. This makes the 2022 Mining Disrupt conference, which will run between July 26-28 at the Miami Airport Convention Center in Miami, a must-attend for everyone in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Mining Disrupt will feature the best of the Bitcoin mining community. Moreover, this year’s edition counts JSBit as sponsors and plans to host thousands of attendees, investors, and vendors.

The team behind Mining Disrupt has gone to great lengths to make this year’s edition better than previous ones. With new additions, like an ASIC Museum and a new Whale Guest Pass, Mining Disrupt 2022 promises to give attendees maximum value.

If you’re a Bitcoin miner, then attending the Mining Disrupt conference is a no-brainer. You’d be hard-pressed to find any other opportunity to connect with the Bitcoin mining community other than this.

Not only will you benefit from expert talks, but interacting with experienced Bitcoin miners can get you started on the right path. As one of last year’s attendees put it: “Everyone you should be talking with, as a miner, is here.”

Perhaps you’re nursing an interest in starting a mining operation, but want to test the waters first. Attending the conference will expose you to the realities of mining and give you the information you need to start. You’ll also benefit from interacting with the world’s best mining tools companies exhibiting at Mining Disrupt.

And if you don’t fall into any of these categories? You’re still welcome! Mining Disrupt is a place to learn about Bitcoin mining from professionals with skin in the game, not armchair experts. If you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast looking to understand how mining sustains the Bitcoin network, here’s your chance.

Companies involved in the Bitcoin mining industry will find the Mining Disrupt conference tailored to their needs. The organizers have created a series of affordable exhibition options for organizations of different sizes.

Does your company have a new solution you think the Bitcoin mining industry needs? This is your chance to get it across to the right audience.

Head over to the official Mining Disrupt website to buy your tickets and find more details about our exhibitions!

The Bitcoin mining community is a close-knit collective, with everyone ready to help the other. If you’re new to the industry or a veteran looking to connect with colleagues, consider joining the Blockchain Miners Group.

We have resources for you to help ease your journey into the amazing world of cryptocurrency mining. Besides earning money, you can be part of a new movement to create a fairer monetary system for all.


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