Amsterdam, NL (April 2020): ​The well-known Bitcoin enthusiast, computer scientist and writer Andreas Antonopoulos might have a legal battle on his hands. He’s being accused of plagiarism for the title and contents of his book Internet of Money, by ​the Dutch startup hybrix​ because of an earlier venture of theirs.

“This is a stab into the heart of the community, and we’ll take no more!” an employee who wishes to remain anonymous cried out to the reporter. A co-worker hastily followed up on this by adding “I want my Bitcoin back which I gave him in 2017! Of course, sharing is the new  caring, but Andreas really stretches the boundaries.”     The company considering legal steps is hybrix, who were working on the ​Internet of Coins project back in 2014, and already the knowledgeable reader should see where the problem lies.

The company says Antonopoulos should stop promoting the freedom of the Internet and the freedom of money: ”This is already done by us. Our name is even devoted to that. I don’t want to point any fingers, but this attitude seems a lot like the bemoaned personality trait that the  Greeks have developed during the economic crisis in 2008,” a spokesperson of Internet of Coins told the reporter.

About hybrix: ​hybrix​ is a multi-blockchain platform. Use the strengths of every individual blockchain. Creating Freedom of Transaction by letting value flow freely across all different ledgers with the first cross-ledger token.    ###    If you would like more information about this topic, please email Sander Visser at