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AirDAO: Leading the Way in Community-Governed Blockchain Ecosystems

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AirDAO is a community-governed blockchain and ecosystem of Web3 dApps that improves the user experience with streamlined user interfaces for powerful dApps. The ecosystem is powered by its native token, AMB.

AirDAO has recently secured $25 million in committed funding from GEM Digital, a subsidiary of Global Emerging Markets (GEM), a $3.4 billion alternative investment group. The deal provides AirDAO access to up to $25 million in capital over the next two years. This funding will enable AirDAO to thrive in any market condition — bear or bull — that may occur in the future. 

AirDAO can draw on the committed funding over the course of two years, providing long-term financial stability and flexibility for the ecosystem to raise capital at its discretion.

AirDAO also provides educational resources to the community via the AirDAO Academy website and interactive AirDAO Bootcamp sessions. The bootcamp sessions teach users about AirDAO’s ecosystem and how to use its dApps effectively. 

AirDAO Academy

Learn how to use the AirDAO products, view the roadmaps, find job openings, and more on the AirDAO Academy page here.

These resources help onboard new users and promote the development and adoption of AirDAO’s ecosystem.

AirDAO is making significant strides in its development and expansion, with funding from GEM Capital and educational resources for the community. As AirDAO continues to follow its roadmap, the ecosystem will evolve and improve, providing streamlined user experiences and powerful dApps for the Web3 community.


Tokenomics proposal

AirDAO announced that its tokenomics upgrade proposal was passed in the first-ever governance vote. The upgrade will introduce a max token supply and burning mechanisms to make the AMB token deflationary.

Over 100 million AMB tokens were used to participate in the voting process, representing over 50% of the AMB supply stored in wallets and not in centralized exchanges. This high participation rate demonstrates strong support for AirDAO’s vision of community-driven governance.

AirDAO will implement the tokenomics upgrade in three stages. The first stage, beginning in March 2023, will include the start of validator node upgrades, a 250,000 block epoch delay, smart contract preparation, and upgrading AirDAO’s multi-sig to include a robust financial structure and sleek UI.

Starting in mid-June 2023, the second stage will include upgrades to the rewards structure, implementing an Extra Fee to speed up transactions, a Contract Call Fee incentivizing developers, and further structural upgrades to the multi-sig.

The third and final stage of the upgrade is scheduled for Q4 mid-October 2023 and will feature updates to AirDAO Voting, with token-based voting as a core component of DAO governance.

Did you know?

Electing community members

Another step in becoming a fully community-governed project is the election of two community members to join the multi-signature wallet that will control the AirDAO Ecosystem Fund, as described in the recently passed tokenomics upgrade proposal.

The long-term goal is for the entire blockchain and dApp ecosystem to be under the management of the community. The election empowers the community to elect representatives to join the Ecosystem Fund multi-sig, allowing them to influence how funds will be allocated.

The Ecosystem Fund will be a pool of 850 million AMB committed to incentivizing development in the AirDAO ecosystem. Ecosystem Fund tokens are locked indefinitely, with the community-owned DAO deciding when and how to use the funds.

The voting period for the two community members to join the Ecosystem Fund multi-sig ended on Monday, March 13th. This election represents a significant step toward AirDAO’s fully decentralized future, where community members have a voice in the decision-making process.

Electing two community members to join the Ecosystem Fund multi-sig is a significant step toward a community-governed blockchain and dApp ecosystem. The community has the power to shape the future of AirDAO and ensure that funds are allocated in a way that reflects the values and goals of the community.


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